What is happening with TieBreak?


we are almost in November and still no info about the game. It is supposed to be released in November but, as happened with Rugby, no news just before the “official” release date. I guess they will post a statement saying the game is going to be postponed.

The thing is that if there was any kind of hype (personally just because of the licenses), now it is safe to say that we expect half baked game as it occurred with AFL and Cricket…

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It’s terribly sad to be honest. They have a rather large license, the largest of all 4 games imo, and it has been entirely wasted thus far. The single worst part of it all is that both Nacon and Big Ant know if the game is coming out “later this year” or not…….so they are either knowingly choosing to wait until the very last minute to announce its delay OR they are actively choosing to let this game release with zero hype, next to zero information and no marketing. That is essentially bad and bad.

More than anything it’s a slap in the face to the fans and supporters. A delay announcement takes about 60 seconds to type up. There’s just no excuse to having let things get to where they are now.

The only glimmer of hope for an actual November/2023 release are the TOUR FINALS (which is what the game is based around), but the women’s started today and the men’s is in 2 weeks. That means an an official announcement would have to take place this week, which would still be insanely late (and I can’t see the ATP/WTA allowing that).

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I will ask again, why did Big Ant create this forum only to provide absolutely zero input? The game was announced in March, and there has not been a single update since.

Because people asked for something where they can talk to others in the community. So I provided a place for those who want to be here and talk about things or network before or after release. No one is forcing anyone to be here. If it’s not what you want at the moment everyone is more than welcome to come back later when it’s more fitting what they would like.

Well there’s our answer folks. A masterful session in how to answer without providing a shred of what is really being asked. I think there’s a word for that. I regret introducing the WTA to these guys.

Btw- weren’t there already Big Ant forums prior to this one being created? So what’s the difference?

Nacon just had its quarterly meeting, which included its upcoming releases for the rest of the year……no Tiebreak. We can now safely assume this has been delayed into next year. It still baffles me that they can’t put together a message, but at least we don’t have to wait around for the “November 2023” release anymore.


I saw that too! Next Nacon update is on 28 November.

I wouldn’t hold me breath for any news there, and hopefully the delay announcement happens before the actual tennis season ends, which the 19th. It’s silly that we even have to talk about this. Lol

Big Ant and Nacon - a match made in heaven.


I cant understand why they have to wait until the very last minute to announce a delay. I mean, it is good news they postponed it, but if it does not guarantee the game is going to be decent.

They do this because they think they can get away with it. Fortunately for Tennis there are others stepping into the market, unlike Rugby, Cricket and AFL. Hopefully TopSpin/2K next year, and the other AAA game will set them straight.

The fans, and the sport, don’t deserve this.

I totally agree. So, you are saying that apart from TopSpin/2K and Tie Break, there will be another AAA tennis game next year?

The third one may not release next year, but it’s coming.

Amazing news! Can you tell if it is a trustable developer? and regarding top spin, it is supposed to be announce early next year, right?

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It’s Paris Games Week. Nacon must be in attendance on home territory. What chance an update?

It ends today, lol. Considering the ATP is also in Paris for the final maters event of the season, it was once again a great opportunity to at least talk about the game.


SomeoneToKnow- you are obviously in the know about this game! What’s your best guess for a release? January to coincide with Aus Open?

Considering they don’t want to go up against Top Spin (which should be getting an announcement soon), and releasing in January would, thematically, make the most sense….I expect the official reveal and details to happen in the next few weeks followed by an early 2024 release.

With that said, there are some things that aren’t adding up with what I know, so who truly knows at this point.

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Thank you, appreciate your input as always.

the most logical thing for them to do would be to follow your argument but it is also possible that the development is not going as expected (as with afl and cricket) and they have to improvise and decide as they go along

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