What Leagues wil be in the game, because big ant say there wil be 15

My Dream

  1. Urc
  2. Top 14
  3. D2
  4. Premiership
  5. Mrl
  6. Super rugby
  7. Europeun championship
  8. Challenger cup
  9. Rugby championship
  10. Six nastions
  11. Pacific nastions cup
  12. World cup
  13. Currie cup
  14. New zealand domestic cup
  15. Australian domestic cup

I think would be this competitions what do you guys think

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Does Australia have a domestic league? I think the Japanese league would be more likely, well I hope so anyway.

And would the Cup competitions be classed as leagues? Like in RLL4 the leagues and competitions are two separate things.

What is the difference between leagues and competitions? I thought leagues are competitions sorry hahahah

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A competition is normally a one off tournament. It may have pool (League) play elements, but isn’t part of a 'Regular season* things like the world cup, Challenger cup etc. A league is regular season club play. URC, Top14 etc.

I wouldn’t include the Pacific nations cup, European championship, World cup etc. Possibly not even Six nations and Rugby championship or any international events as they aren’t really leagues.

No sorry needed, I could be completely wrong ha ha, just going off my opinion and what Big Ant has done in their league titles sort of backs that as at least a possibility.

We are all just guessing. I definitely hope all those events you’ve listed are in the game though :partying_face:

I would guess

Japan 1 & 2
England 1 & 2
France 1 & 2
Super Rugby Pacific
Super Rugby Americas
New Zealand 1 & 2
Australia 1
South Africa 1
And some other random one.

Another possibility is that the 6 nations and Rugby Championship are leagues so switch those with two up there.

An out of left field idea could be that they have an under 20’s grade in this title like they have in their league titles and they count toward the league totals alongside the men’s grade.

As match as i agree with ur definition (just i would change the word competition with cup, but that’s not really relevant)
I think they are not doing that type of differentiation.
They are problably including anything to add up to that number.

Yeah, I must say … As I was typing them all out I was thinking to myself … that would be A LOT of licenses and content to gather together :crazy_face:

So Maybe then

Rugby World Cup
Six Nations
Rugby Championship
European Championship
Pacific Nations Cup
Top 14 + D2
Super Rugby
Premiership + D2
Japan League One
Major League Rugby
South African domestic
New Zealand Domestic

Would be my understated guess, though if they were going to include international stuff in the leagues it could just be mostly those. Rugby Europe has a few divisions, Africa, Asia etc. You could include the qualification tournaments for a world cup as a type of league. :sweat_smile:

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15 licensed leagues. These won’t be tournaments.

my top is :slight_smile:

  1. Urc
  2. Top 14
  3. D2
  4. Premiership
  5. Mrl
  6. Super rugby
  7. Europeun championship
  8. Challenger cup

(unofficially) 15 Competitions (+4 unlikely)
Go Gallagher Chiefs & Go the All Blacks :no_mobile_phones:

Rugby World Cup :rugby_football:
6 Nations
the Rugby Championship
Rugby Pacific Nations Cup

Women’s Rugby World Cup
Pacific Four Series
Women’s 6 Nations

Gallagher Premiership
European Rugby Champions Cup
BKT United Rugby Championship
Super Rugby Pacific
Japan Rugby League One
Major League Rugby
Top 14
Pro D2

Other competition(s) :small_red_triangle_down:
Mitre 10 Cup
Currie Cup
the National Rugby Championship
USA Rugby Women’s Premier League

Generated_MY_Predictions :zombie:

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I think they may have said in a tweet that Japan League One will not be in this one but the International Japanese side is?

So maybe that means one of your not so likely ones moves up?

Cool list :blush:


I was just watching replay of this year’s Japan League One Finals last night so I thought…

and a few more finals up north in a couple hours time

and the Super Rugby Semi-Finals are confirmed that’s live sports

But I’m gaining insight on players and teams for the Video Game.

So I’m a better player!

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I recon they have the licence for the league’s doesn’t mean that each team has to be face captured…that would take 18 months