When Will This Be Listed on Steam?

I know there is the expected to be a lot of mixed reactions when this goes up, but it’s better to be transparent then anything.

Transparent is not a word that exists for Nacon. Just look at the current state of the game. I honestly wouldn’t even be surprised if we don’t hear anything until next Thursday….the day the early access drops!

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If you speak about the early access, I think it’s a private access.
I am not expert on steam but it’s maybe why we don’t see the game.

Well I’ll be honest, I’ll buy it because I want to play it, So hook it up with that link BigAnt.

I don’t think that matters. Early access, according to the ATP, is ONE week away….even if it’s private (which is not the case with early access FWIW), they should still be sharing info about the game. They’ve already missed the release date and said zero.

Hello they send a massage on their twitter (X) account to speak about the game

I don’t have and will never have a Twitter or (X)

Agreed! But in fairness. They aren’t exclusive to having a pending Early Access game, not listed on Steam. This has happened with a Playstation Port before *(i can’t think of the title off my head —coulda been something else).

I think they feel they are going to have a lot of angry former supporters waiting for it to drop.

Steam has allowed discussions to be locked to owners of the game, so I can understand why it’s not listed…bad feedback is deffffffff on its way. People are angry.

I went and downloaded AO 2 again. It’s actually not as bad as I remember it. The career mode is pretty in depth. They just need to tweak that gameplay a bit , add more variety of styles …etc

may release early access at some point Jan 2024

is there any AO Tennis 2 online game group ?

I don’t know if enough people even play to where you can join one but you can always create your own. There’s some stragglers around. I would be interested even though I just started playing AO2 again the last few days. Only because I can’t go and hit irl due to being sick. The game is mild.

I’ve never played on steam but I just bought the game on it. It seems it’s not playable on Macbook, is there a way or I just spent 29,99€ for nothing ?