Wicket keep position: Up

Literally this is the most under utilised cricket feature along with late manual stumping issue that still haven’t been fixed since the beginning of big ant’s cricket journey (the DBC game)

When a medium fast bowler is balling in tactical situation specially when batsmen is coming down the wicket to smack them, the keeper generally comes close to the wicket like when a spinner is balling.

Although we have the option to set Wicketkeeper position to: Up.
That barely makes any difference since the keeper only comes 2 steps forward.

Please for atleast medium pace bowlers change the option to Actually keeping “Up” the wicket.
For example: Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Stuart clark, Nathen bracken, Jacob oram , Keiron pollard have often been kept tactically close to the stumps
(Find pic attached at the bottom for ref)

And secondly please also fix this late stumping , when the batsman advances and miss the ball the keeper after collecting it stands for a while before reacting on to stump even after the key was pressed on time.
By the time keeper decides to stump, batsmen is already in for like a day before.

I don’t understand how tough is that for your developers to fix that trivial of an issue since so many versions of this game.