Wicket keeping from close to stumps for medium fast bowlers

  1. This option to bring wicket keeper closer is already there but it barely moves the keeper from their previous position.
    I hope this is a small change and it could be included with less hassle.
    Please allow bringing Wicketkeeper to keep from close to the stumps for Wicket keeper positon :“up” option. Just like how wicketkeeper position is for spinners. (Primary ask)

  2. This and allow modifying bowler pace option in create player mode. That option always sticks to 1star and all bowlers of same category always ball at almost same speed, feels robotic. (Secondary ask)
    It already existed in previous versions of the game but in cricket 24 it seems to be disabled to modify.

I have already mentioned these points earlier in my steam review and i have been waiting for these features for long. I am regular player of this game series and have been playing since DBC 17.

@JNT_BA @RossSymons