Wide algorithm is buggy. Players keep moving to offside and keep hitting the ball legside

There is a bug in the Cricket Twenty 24 video game where the umpire incorrectly calls a wide when the batsman moves outside offside and the bowler delivers the ball slightly outside the white line. According to the Laws of Cricket, Law 22.1.1 (Wide Ball - Judging a Wide), this should not be considered a wide in one-day /T20
white ball cricket as long as the ball is within reach for the batsman to hit it with a normal cricket stroke. This bug affects the accuracy and realism of the game and should be fixed. Some players take advantage of this bug while playing and move to the offside and keep hitting the ball on the leg-side, which is unfair and frustrating for the other players.


I agree with you. Please fix this in upcoming patch

Please tag @JNT_BA to make sure they know about this. Hope someone is reading these every day.

I had already created this bug report #13452 in cricket 22 and again created it for Cricket 24 #18051. The team has acknowledged the bug, but they really need to address this seriously! This is one of the main bugs in the game now.