Will each player have unique playstyles in this game? I am not referring just to animations

So will each licensed player have unique playstyles in this game, or will every single player play the exact same way like in AO Tennis and Tennis World Tour?

Having unique animations is nice but players should have their own playstyles otherwise it will be boring and repetitive.

Also this time I want to be challenged against the AI. In AO Tennis 2 I have never lost a match to anyone even on the highest difficulty. I was winning easily 6-1, 6-2 against any player no matter how high his rating was. The AI played in a similar way and I knew where it would land all of it’s shots.

Please do something on this part. This is what kept me from playing AO Tennis 2.


Yes, I totally agree. I play Tiebreak only on Expert level and it is not a challenge at all. Every time I win. For Tiebreak to be successfull it’s a must to be challenging.

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