Will the Academy of AO Tennis 2 carry over to this game?

I have spent 2 years creating the best and most realistic tennis players in AO Tennis 2. I think that having spoken to the community over these years they all agree that my players were the most realistic and most detailed. My username is nikpen97.

I wonder, will the Academy of AO Tennis 2 carry over to Tiebreak as well? Will my created players be available to download? Will the game feature an Academy at all? It would be devastating to see that I have to do all this work all over again, which I don’t have the time anymore.

It’s my first opportunity to thank someone who participated to the bettering of my experience on AO Tennis 2, so THANK YOU very much for your hard work, I’m pretty sure I’ve used some player of yours and I could never had that fun with the limited game we had. I hope you will be able to transfer all the content you’ve already created.

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