Will Tiebreak be delayed as well?

Rugby 24 delayed and will be released on January 30th 2024. Will Tiebreak be delayed as well? Please give us some news.

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a delay until January is looming. It’d line up for the Aussie Open (which is when Big Ant usually release their tennis games) and is a good springboard to the start of the professional season (which the game is based on).

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I prefer waiting 2/3 months and have a better game. I think everyone thinking like this.
But the problem is not the release date, it’s the lack of communication and information.

If BigAnt explains to us that they need more time, everyone will understand but by remaining silent they will once again annoy people.

The latest informations explained a date between October and December. therefore an uncertainty on their side about the end of development of the game.

I don’t think it will be complicated to tell us the date will be between January and March 2024

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Not to defend them, but another factor for the silence could very well be attributed to the shaky state of the Tours. The game is scheduled to be released for the Tour Finals….yet the WTA has even announced a location of its final. That could very well be holding back certain game related news.

The also the issue of the upcoming ATP-WTA merger, with a meeting scheduled later this month. That could definitely have factors on this game, as it’s licensed as a ATP & WTA game….any merger would certainly have ramifications for anything officially licensed.

But there is no blockage to show images or gameplay, explain new features for animations…
it’s just their way of doing things like with other previous games. If the game comes out in 2 months, it should be far enough along in development to show some things.
It’s a real shame because fans have bad memories of previous communications.
I really want a good game and hope it will not be a not finished game at the release.

To be fair that is not always the case with tennis. For Tennis World Tour 2 they had a proper gameplay trailer well over 2 months prior to release and then started with weekly reveals just shy of the 2 month window.

They’ve also stated, since then, that they would be putting more money, people and push into these games thanks to the Nacon partnership (this was the last Big Ant game prior to being bought by Nacon, IIFC). None of that is evident so far……AFL had the same buggy launch, with very little pre release marketing; Cricket gets delayed and had next to no info with less than a month for release; Rugby gets delayed days before the announced release date, with zero information.

Looks like a delay is incoming…at least out of November……

Have you heard something?

Nacon said this to me:

« we also prefer to communicate when we have real things to say and show.
This is not yet the case on Tiebreak but things are progressing well. And our top priority is to provide fans with the best possible experience, even if it means giving the studio more time. »

I prefer know that instead a bad game at the release date.
So wait and see. :crossed_fingers: but it’s a good news because they want to make a good game for gamers.

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Thank you for reaching out! But given that Big Ant is the studio, why couldn’t they just say this!

I’ve heard something similar as well, so that above statement isn’t surprising at all. I still don’t understand this “we have nothing to show” idea….how do you have nothing to show when your games are 2-4 months out (and that’s factoring in the delays). Doesn’t make sense.