World Cup in career mode in Cricket 24

Why there is no World Cup in Cricket 24 career mode? I am in 2030 but still there is no World Cup yet. Is there any news when this is going to be fixed. I am bored of playing bi-lateral series


World Cup is there, it may not be called world cup but it is there

No there’s no World Cup/world championship in career mode and it’s very frustrating. There was initially an odi and t20 world cup, but then they added World Cup qualifiers and career mode completely broke - days were counting backwards, game was crashing everytime you tried to play a match etc.

Since then world cups have completely been removed which is very disappointing. Would like them back

The events you are looking for are in in the game every four years. They are there and nothing was “removed”. But they can be extremely hard to qualify for.

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are you saying that this is case even in the easy career mode ?? I dont find them even after the team being in the top 5 atleast everytime

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I’m nearly 8 years into my career mode with Australia. We are ranked 1 in tests and ODIs. Not a single world cup has happened. Plus, t20 world cups would be every 2 years not 4?