World cup schedule in career mode

I didn’t notice world championship more than once in my career mode. isn’t there world championship once every 4 years in career mode? getting world championship every four years would be exciting to play. world championship qualification have been added that pretty good. hope will see more exciting updates soon. hope big ants will add more icc tournaments for associate teams in my career mode especially world cup with qualification rounds.
Enjoying cricket 24 :heart:

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how many years have you played? some folk say you cant go beyond 2027 ?

i am in year 2029 and still playing

Definitely agree with you on the World Championship frequency in Cricket 24’s career mode. Having it every four years would mirror the real-world excitement and anticipation. It’s great to hear about the addition of qualification rounds too. I’m also hoping that Big Ant Studios will broaden the ICC tournaments for associate teams, particularly in terms of World Cup participation with qualification stages. That would add a fantastic depth to the gameplay.

Im in 2030 as well now and havent played a single t20 or odi worldcup this is embarrassing whats the point of playing Psl Ipl and just Tours please big ant fix this it doesnt feel real

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