Xbox engagement

Yeah it’s pretty clear they’ve been silenced on it by someone higher up. Can’t imagine they love sitting there seeing the multitude of enthusiastic Xbox comments and just ignoring them. Ross already spoke out against Microsoft’s wishes earlier in the year, so there’s probably some NDA right now that’s restricting any comment at all until release is finalised and they’ve publicly announced it. Pretty sure that’s when JNT is unlocked as well and can start discussing things

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It hurts cause the only time @JNT_BA talks is when there a new patch update and then it only to those who have the game. I know Ross is active on X. If they don’t like what happing they should speak out against it. That just my thoughts.

@bcond45 If it is an NDA they literally can’t say anything

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@JNT_BA replies to all sorts of messages. Not just when patches drop.
The frustration is real, but as has been said ad nauseum, there seem to be restrictions on what can be said by Big Ant, so you’re banging your head against a wall if you expect anything else for now.

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You think I respond to all kinds of messages, that’s impossible!


maybe just the nicely phrased patient ones…

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Haha, that’s pretty true actually.

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The problem is while the games get patch for PC and PlayStation. Xbox community might find some of this problem that should have been fix all ready. So we are going to have two different communities.

Nah, we will have one community with a three tiered caste structure.
The fact that the PC and PS5 have been brought to the same place and that that is the intention for the XBox should point to there being little difference between platforms on the launch of the XBox version.


Atleast make it available on the xbox digital store. Oh wait, then the physical copies wont be purchased so they’ll loose money! Atleast compromise to a certain degree.

Surely you can appreciate that that would also be an issue with the NDA…


Is there any news about the Xbox version of the game or is when you are allowed you will tell us another the game?

Who is to blame here?, Big Ant has treated all Xbox players like mushrooms. Ive been a loyal Big Ant customer and supporter. Not now, go and bite the big one, Im over this b.s. treatment. Im never buying a Big Ant product ever again…

I’m almost at that stage, they released a setback date for rugby 24 even, just a pinch of information as to where our money has gone would be fair or at least why your not giving us any.

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Well more of an issue will be when the ACCC gets involved. I don’t even own an Xbox. But this treatment of their customers is appalling. Finals start tomorrow, Bigant owe its consumers an apology and the truth. Come out and tell us xbox and Proteams will not be released this year.


As has been mentioned countless times they literally arent allowed to say anything on the topic cause microsoft have them by the balls with a NDA.

Doesn’t make it any better for x box users of course, but the angst should be aimed at microsoft on this one, not BA.


Look if I remember someone had all contact Microsoft and they said it not there problem and where to contact the publisher. The publisher is Nanco and at the time they had not hear from Nanco. So really we don’t know what happing.

You are wrong on this one. Was it not Bigant who came out and said a July to mid August xbox release? Another underestimation of time, another broken promise, and you are saying Bigant are not to blame? You are kidding yourself.

They are working off waiting on the green light from microsoft fact.

Not sure how you can say thats off the mark.

The july / august date not eventuating i agree id very frustrating.

But maybe they were hedging bets with microsoft or maybe they broke part of the nda with their best educated guess to try appease everyone and it fell over.

Either way sucks for x box users

But dont kid yourself, the lack of info on this has zero to to do with BigAnt just sitting on info withholding it from everyone just cause they feel like it.


Back in May Big Ant made the decision that releasing a broken game (and lets not kid ourselves, what was released in May was an absolute disgrace) on PlayStation and PC was a better option than delaying the game so that it could be released with all promised features (like Pro Team) on all three platforms, including Xbox, in a playable state.

In making that decision, Big Ant blew up their relationship with Microsoft.

Blaming Microsoft for anything is ridiculous. It was Big Ant who made that call back in May, and we now all have to live with it. But without an Xbox version. Or Pro Team. Or Hamish. Or … You get the idea.