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Hi all

I know this just getting repeat to death by now but can the team or anyone at the studio gives as an Xbox update, or just at a minimum start engaging with the Xbox community

Can we get an Xbox Update, or are you just gonna keep deleting comments about it pretending we don’t exist.


I know what you mean they say on X they haven’t forgotten about Xbox or pro team but the only people they talk to is the PC and PlayStation player’s.

See they replied to someone on X (twitter) about Xbox! Only took the threat of arson but they actually replied to him :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Not sure that arson would be particularly productive or useful.

I can’t even see how that would be an incentive to “speed things up”

I mean maybe I should threaten to sing in the hope that the custom player limit gets raised…

I mean it, I’ll sing…

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Xbox version will eventually come maybe late October or maybe near Christmas. Worst case scenario is that it could come out in early 2024. Please get in contact with Microsoft it’s not Bigants fault, they are the devs it’s out of their hands.

Don’t give up on hope.


Or… hear me out… You could try and create a separate thread in this chat in addition to the 5 other threads that relate to this also.

Seriously though, just think about it, when it does come to Xbox, it would have had all the testing and improvements embedded into it that you will get the most smoothest, in depth AFL game to ever exist!

Good things come to those who wait.

I see those points and im sure when/if the games is released on xbox, day 1 for us will be much smoother than for other, but my feel is that for most xbox users waiting isnt the main issue at this stage, its the lack of communication. For all we know itll never get released in xbox. I think some acknowledgement from big ant will at least give some piece of mind.

Also, I had reached out to microsoft and they deferred me to either bigant or nacon. (probably a default answer, but at least they answered). Nacon has yet to respond to my queries so yeh, no answers

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Worst case is it becomes platform exclusive like Ross mentioned in May, you’ve got the game mate so I see no need for you to comment on an Xbox thread about a game that’s 4 MONTHS late with Minimal contact from BigAnt.

I’ll stress again that if the game was 100% complete on launch, there would be no Microsoft delay. Deluded to be putting the blame on Microsoft

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XBox Engagement (Ring)

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Or maybe this one?

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I reckon we will get an update on the Xbox release date about the same time as GTA6

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@RossSymons any news on AFL23 for Xbox as the AFL season is over now.

For some perhaps.
Not all

Oh they that my team the Brisbane lions finish in 2nd

When will get the game the Woman starting playing Friday @JNT_BA

You can rest assured that every aspect of the timing of releases and patches is timed to coincide with the start of the AFLW season on Friday :wink:

It just like they don’t want to talk with the Xbox community at all. It not far for any of us as we all so like to play the game too. It feels like cause we don’t have the game to play we don’t have a voice at all in the community.

I went and bought the PC version instead of waiting.

They want too, they just arent allowed!

Reckon they would be pulling their collective hair out at this as well.