Xbox release AFL 23

You guys said you will update as we get closer to shipping the xbox copies to retailers late july early August. Wheres the update??? What a joke.

Considering the lack of communication, my guess is that they know it won’t be happening so they need to wait for cricket 24 to be released to actually afford to refund the preorders they have taken for Xbox…

And BigAnt I’ve read your guidelines and this will probably get deleted for breaching them, BUT should you not at least communicate with the people who have pre ordered your product so they don’t start trashing your company…

And here was me thinking BigAnt would be good for the AFL game… How wrong I was EVO 2 was a more flushed out game…

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Atleast allow it to go on the xbox digital store. Total Bs!!!

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Kinda dramatic, I’m sure they have more than enough money to worry about the tiny amount of Xbox sales having to be refunded.

Frustrating for Xbox users to be constantly told different things but fingers crossed it’ll be soon. The quicker that happens, the quicker proteam will be released.

Maybe a little dramatic but why else?? If things were going to change you’d expect at worse a monthly update as to the progress, I would at least expect updates to come from BigAnt and not JB HIFI.

Either way I believe Pro Team should be held off until next year for the start of next season, or at least end of trade/draft period along with a free 2024 list update for the shambolic nature of the release this year. I really hope it works out and the wait is worth it cause I’d love to pack a TOTS Patty Cripps and Charlie Curnow. But I’m not holding my breath