Academy Creations

I thought I’d share some Academy Creations on here.

So far I’ve made a variety of clubs from a number of different leagues.
I have share most via the Community within Academy.

Northern Areas Football League (SA)
Spencer Gulf Football League (SA)
Whyalla Football League (SA)
Yorke Peninsula Football League (SA)
Tasmanian State League (4 teams have been shared, the other three are awaiting Custom Team Cap expanision) (TAS)

I have also made logos and for teams in the following leagues
Port Lincoln Football League
Eastern Eyre Football League
Western Eyre Football League
Great Flinders Football League

I have also uploaded a bunch of logos in making my own guernseys as well as uploading the work of others.


seeing as there are 100s of creations out there in the community, are you able to at least share which ones specifically are yours so we can download them? (not sure how yet without the specific community code).
Cheers in advance :+1:

Yeah, I probably should. If you search from my user name “Chuckinho” it should bring up a bunch of stuff.

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If you go to Community and search by User Creator Chuckinho a bunch of stuff should come up.
Looks like about 350 logos. this doesn’t include any of the logos from teams that I haven’t shared yet due to the cap on custom teams.

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Here are the Stadiums that I made.

Here are the clubs that I’ve shared

810 players to date shared too

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I’ve just finished making the guernseys for the Riverland Football League in South Australia. I can’t share them yet as they aren’t atatched to a custom team.



I’m from the Yorke Peninsula and my dad won a premiership or two. Would love to have the YPFL in game. Actually several current AFL players are from the Yorke Peninsula. Including the great legendary Adam Goodes and Bernie Vince.


I’ve made the Yorke Peninsula Football League. If you search for the individual teams, you can download them, complete with guernseys, logos, sponsors and rosters.


I’ve been working on polishing some logos but thought I’d share a “new” league - The Murray Valley League.
To those int he know, you know this was the old Riverland Indepedent with the addition of the rebranded Murrayville “Blues” (were Bulldogs) from the old Mallee Football League which disintegrated last year with various teams merging and going elsewhere.

New nickname means new guernsey

New League means new short sides.

Hommage to the former nickname “Bulldogs”

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Once you’ve made near on 10 Port Adelaide clones, making another one is pretty easy :wink:

Sedan Cambrai Magpies


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Not sure what to make of this RAMCO guernsey, but it was fun to make. I had to experiment with the red stripes as they aren’t on a template.


The back sponsors take a while, but add to the realism, especially if you insist on taking set shots.

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Thankyou so much. My family have played for Kadina, Wallaroo and Moonta. My dad also played for Port Adelaide Magpies before moving to the beautiful Yorke Peninsula.

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no worries mate.
I am looking to add some more grounds from YP soon enough.

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Last one for tonight.
Brown’s Well Bombers

Not sure the sponsor colours work, but they are “authentic”

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Gonna have to fix that Kadina logo methinks


Having doubled down and bought the PC version as well, now starting with messing around with some historical favourites on top of just my own custom stuff.

Adelaide Sharks concept guernsey (pre-Crows concept for the Adelaide team from 1990)
They never got as far as showing the shorts, I tossed up between green and blue but went with green to start with.

This one was a challenge, my personal favourite Crows Indigenous guernsey from 2015. Yet to do the manufacturer logo on the top and shorts, and am currently experimenting with whether the subtle watermark design that was invisible half the time is worth doing.


Looking good,
That’s the big question - How much detail is enough and what isn’t going to be seen in game.