Academy Creations

You can’t for now. It is a known bug that Big Ant are aiming to fix.

It might be fixed by the next update maybe

Here’s hoping.
In the meantime I’ve finished making logos for this league.
Any guesses?

Hampden League doneish - same issue around not being able to apply uploaded logos to guernseys remains unfortunately…

Next up I’m heading into the Gippsland.

Just thought I’d show some logos in Illustrator to show all the lines :wink:

Playing with gradients…

More(well) gradients

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Gippsland Done
Onwards towards Pinnaroo…

For those playing at home, I now have images/logos which I have uploaded for the following leagues.
Bendigo FL
Murray FL
Hampden FL
Gippsland FL
Central Murray FL

Once the bug is fixed to allow me to apply them to guernseys I will upload the leagues. In the meantime I can apply the logo to the team identity which is why I have set all of those teams up with generic players from other previous made leagues.

As you can see, this is leads to getting most country Victorian leagues sorted. The two obvious ones that I’ve left out for now are Geelong and Bellarine. They will get done, but probably after some other more interesting (to me) stuff.

Yep, I can get them in game and into identity but not on guernseys…

Castlemaine Home - Is DON, is good.

Castlemaine Away (shorts)

Eaglehawk Home

Maryborough Home


I’ve now shared all the Bendigo Football League teams.
If you search for them in Community, you should find them.
I will put the codes into the Shares thread after I’ve placed some more logos on other new teams.