AFL 23 - Megathread

That’s the issue though—how can we be sure? How do we know it’s been approved? And if it has, why hasn’t it been released yet? It’s puzzling because they mentioned it would drop once approved. So, why the delay? I don’t think we’re still waiting for platform approval. If we were, I doubt they would be saying we’ll receive news very soon.


I’m definitely confused and frustrated too, I understand that BA can’t give us much info due to confidentiality, if we get news we will get news if not, I have no clue where or what will happen for AFL23.

Still no Proteam after the shenanigans from JNT this week, very disappointing. We have waited so long, with let down after let down, and this is how we are treated. With cryptic clues!

We’re tired of waiting. The next communication should be ‘guys, you’ll be happy to know Proteam is going live tomorrow.’ Nothing more, nothing less.


agree, the problem is the lack of communication. Instead of saying “we’ll have news very soon,” just say “we’ll release news about pro team on Monday.” It’s that simple. I’m sick and tired of the cryptic bs. Every week, there’s speculation that pro team might be dropped, but it never happens.


Cryptic we must be. The way of the AFL23 it is.

Another day completed and still radio silence. For a mode that should have been released a year and 2 months ago, all we have is a little snippet of the menu with no timeline on when it will actually release. Beyond a joke now.


Something that @JNT_BA should be able to answer….
Will we be able to create (or earn the ability to create) custom guernseys for our pro team ?

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That would be good tbh. Or have more than the 18 teams guernseys. Sure each side would probably have half a dozen styles each season but more options the merrier

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From memory, the pro team video did show that packs can contain state league kits as well, so it’ll be at least more than just the AFL 18.

I haven’t played much ultimate team in any FIFA game but one thing that I thought was genuinely stupid was a team having a Man U logo, a Barcelona home kit and another random teams kit as a clash.
If this is supposed to be “My Team” let me give them a unique identity.

The trailer showed those cards for teams… so unless there’s one card you can get to use a ‘Community or Custom’ guernsey, I’d guess you can’t.

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Well interesting few days coming up, should we get Pro Team in the next week? I think so based on the wording from JNT but not gonna get my hopes up just in case. Intrigued regardless to see what happens.

We aren’t far away tho, @JNT_BA has never been one to give false info and while it didn’t come last week, he never guaranteed it. Still wish we were able to get more info/communication but can only hope it is worth the wait!

Personally It has been an anxious wait as it could have dropped any moment for the last couple months with little to no notice, I don’t deal with that very well but I’ve had to learn patience over the last year and a bit, especially being a Xbox user.

I’ve got a good feeling that the Pro Team Launch will shut a lot of people up, and everyone can see what this game was supposed to be, and still can be. It has absolutely pushed my limits patience wise, but it will be worth it for sure.

Main point is that there’s not long now, I’ve got a good feeling!

@JNT_BA just wondering if it’s possible to add a collard variant into the guernseys creations & possibly collard cuffs also would love to fine tune some of the guernseys I’ve been creating :+1::grin:

I reckon the eagles are on the verge of being great again. Schofield could well and truly be the next coach, he’s got the tactics and playing more of the kids in the side. I’m very excited :+1::clap:

Hey @JNT_BA hope the weekend treated you well, any possible insight into this being the week? Even if there has been any progress that you know of since about a week ago? any reply would be appreciated thanks!

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Another day of silence :confused:


should hear about some proteam news sometime this week hopefully.

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Any chance that might be today @JNT_BA ??

Sometime this week, its well overdue. I want it to be good news but it might be more bad news, I just hope we get Proteam this week or early as next Monday

Who bets they announce it Sunday 11:59 PM 59 seconds