Any news ?for the game

Sad one month away and we have nothing


True its sad ! They don’t seem to care about us eugby fans . I mean just give us a full list of licensed teams please


They missed the once in 4 year rugby world cup launch, never shared any promo even. They will not care about a few fans unfortunately. We will get what we will get. Let’s hope it is worth the wait and we are all singing come January 1st (Is that the date?)

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Big Ant have said the release date will be the Tuesday the 30th of January, on the eve of the Six Nations. However the Six Nations doesn’t actually take place until Friday the 2nd of February.

So at some stage that week you’d expect it to be released but don’t hold your breath. I wouldn’t be surprised if was push back further.

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

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This is awesome to hear. To be honest though, hearing something soon? The game will be released soon so who cares about hearing anything ha ha. A month and a half until we can own it, not too interested in screenshots anymore. THAT would have been nice 6 months ago :sweat_smile:

So close I can smell it!

lol i agree with that

Providing it isnt delayed again

I think it’ll be delayed again

1000027618|1000x500 - big ant’s reply to people asking for updates

Oh it’s delayed alright.

There’s no way it will be delayed again.

It is supposedly out this month. Not one retail listing (other than place holder dates), no box art, no trailer. It’s been delayed.

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Last time the trailer came out 2 weeks before release. It’s not delayed.

50p says it is. :grin:

I hope I am wrong.


Ha ha ok, you’re on :sweat_smile:

I really hope I’m not.

Im holding out hope, dont think there was any marketing for cricket 24 till about 2 weeks before release, not sure theres been anything for tiebreak either and thats coming out imminently
Although its release is now being pushed as ‘early access’ one would assume due to the game not being in a fit state to release (much like cricket 24) which is pretty reprehensible

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What do you mean? Nacon has just reiterated that Tiebreak is still releasing in a matter of days and there’s ZERO footage, information or even a screenshot of the game……a month is plenty of time in their eyes.


So Cricket 24 only had a 3 day build up.
Don’t expect to see anything about Rugby 24 until about Friday the 26th or Saturday the 27th.


Did it actually end up that way, or was that just what they wanted to do??