Cricket 24 - Megathread

Hi Team,
Are there any intentions in future games to add the BBL draft? I was a massive fan of The Hundred draft mode you put in. Would the licensing of the BBL cover all players who nominate?
Thank you

30 days to go , hoping to see some information very soon

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I want add few more things

External factors should be introduced like Due and overcast conditions for swing and the selection should be given in the match setting.

More new grounds for New Zealand, South Africa and others


Any news on the game? I mean, preorder details at least? We would like to have a honest and transparent communication with Big Ant. There is no point in being silent.

I’m sorry, but this is just ridiculous of not showing anything before the game.

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Welcome to the world of AFL 23 my friend. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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and Hence waiting for Cricket24 now :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

There should be some very rare commentary lines and animations which should come into play when suppose a batsman hits the ball out of the ground or bowler breaks the stumps and similar stuffs…these should be very very rare…this will help in keeping the game feel afresh

This was the Lil idea presentation so that we could have control over what celebrations exactly we want at our achievement or particular moment in the match and yes special words and commentry lines will garnish the moment alongside some authentic random replays

Thursday is BA’s favourite day , let’s hope for some miracle today. Please BA release a schedule atleast of your next steps in revealing the game.

Don’t even think about it, lol.

I always thought this forum is a bridge between BA and the end users. A few screenshots, devs story, little game play can make it more liable.

Don’t think we’ll have anything this week as well. Leaning towards other games that are due this October, since it’s either opened up for pre orders or we have enough details to buy the game for.

Frustrated as hell but that’s the limit one can have.

With this marketing strategy looks like game development didnt turned up well, with out any details shared till date hope no one yet pre ordered.


Could it be that some of the licenced teams in cricket 24 have not revealed their wc jersey yet and hence BA have not released any trailer which might have wc Jerseys of those teams…or is it that the game is not that significant graphical shift from the previous iteration and primarily focuses on gameplay and licences and hence Nacon has not showcased the game yet

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Hi All,

  1. The coin toss - do you really need player flipping coins you can only show screen of coin toss or bat toss because lets face it all matches have same scene.

  2. In Career mode the team lineup I want the way team academy team list stored, like if I download any team and setup the lineup would love to see it gets updated in career mode also because everyone has re-played so many career start but when lineup shows unwanted names then it becomes boring.

  3. In Career mode Retirement option wanna have it. After 2-3 years of career gameplay this option should be available.

  4. In Career mode when you create player or play as career player there should be records section where we can check what current your player is ranked in career mode. Player names with their records like highest runs in ODI, Test, T20, you know like the old player records showing so you can enjoy breaking their records and creating your own. This way you can do your own stuff and the record screen will show on career menu / scorecard. pop-up’s come when you reach 1000 runs, 2000 etc or wickets 50, 100, etc. So this makes it more interseting to play.

  5. In Career mode World cups gotta come.

  6. And the schedule should improve, i.e. If my player is playing series in Australia then it should show matches over there, not continue some country matches in between.

  7. The academy player statistics should get updated properly, i.e. If I were to play team India in career mode the batting and wickets of individual players should get updated in overall game. like if Bumrah takes 10 wickets in an inning in career mode it should reflect in academy player stats also.

  8. Cut-scenes gotta be different, rain interruptions gotta come and DLS target should be set.

Some of these things will keep things more fun and realistic. Hey lets face it I enjoy career mode the best, love to see records broken playing different strategies and having control of the career mode… like if I want to end player career then I can retire and start new career with different options.

Would love to some of my suggestions implemented and any of you guy’s want to add more different scenario please to mention with my stuff.

Thanks BA for previous versions love to see more improvements


I like those. But aside from your features listed, my top suggested basic things that we need in Cricket 24 are:

  • Realistic Camera angle (broadcast) and camera-cut after the ball interacts/pass through batsmen.
  • Smoother and faster animations that are realistic, especially Batting Animations (swinging the bat) and Fielding (throw, underarm throw when close to the wicket, misfield animations, keeper/bowler not able to pick up ball on time, etc).
  • Better AI (for bowling, batting, and fielding, especially making better and realistic decisions based on game situation). And make sure AI batsmen will play all kinds of shots, and be able to hit six fluently.
  • Accurate Bowling speed with realistic physics for each pitch surfaces and condition (dry/grass/dusty/crackes with respect to weather and pace of the ground).
    You shouldn’t give too much control over custom physics to users as it affects on gameplay animations and makes it harder for developers to synchronize everything that fits each users’ custom difficulty.
    JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE! The difficulty should be based off of domestic/village/pro county/Pro International(T20/Odi) and Test(should be the hardest).
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Only a Week to go, this week will be longest

The fact that we are a week out and there has been no news at all is only going to lead to disappointment. Cant see next week happening! But Big Ant does love a Friday night update! Lets see what happens.

:six:Days Left :video_game: for the ultimate experience

Only South Africa and Sri Lanka have yet to reveal their World Cup jerseys. Ross has liked a tweet that mentioned a delay in game promotion due to licensing issues. Is it possible that either of these countries, or both, is licensed in the game?

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Don’t know if this forum still holds the power that’s taken care by @JNT_BA

I would strongly urge to delay this game much further and it seems that by the Dev Diary or something that got released today, 99% of grieves that were poured by the community aren’t even bothered to be looked into. If I’m paying a huge load of money which could have cut down by 2/3rd of the actual price of C24, should this be just an upgrade of C22, please, I would URGE the studio to take a deep breath and do something about it.

I’ve always been loyal to your cricket games and I’ve purchased all the titles and even with the mess up of C22, I still had a hope that the next interaction would be 10 times better, but it’s proven wrong. I’ll not get this game if it’s as similar as C22. Moving on to something else that’s worth the money being paid.

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Dev stories shows same old story as cricket 22, I don’t see anything atleast even small things shown in video make to purchase this game , relying heavily on licence doens’t makes any sense which was shown in dev story video.Main issues were with c22 was batting and bowling shot animation they looks so sloppy and clumsy should have focused on smooth animations and gameplay wow this game is becoming a joke even after taking 3 months time as intended to release