Cricket 24 - Megathread

How cool would it be if there was a financial element to the career where the $1,000 player of the match fee could actually be used to purchase new equipment (bats, gloves, pads, shoes etc).

Would be cool if every year other teams could offer you a contract as opposed to you being in the same team for the duration of your career. This way you could weigh up the salary vs the amount of game time you’re likely to get etc which could just add that next level of complexity to an otherwise great game…


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What was in the new patch @JNT_BA ?? :slight_smile:

Lots and lots!


@JNT_BA @RossSymons One thing I have noticed is that wicketkeeper’s animation of him breaking the stumps is just fast forward of normal action. There needs to be some stylish and seperate animations when quick breaking of stumps is required i.e he doesn’t need to take his backward for generating momentum for breaking stumps. This was earlier an issue with fielders (they used normal animation for quicker throws by fast forwarding existing animations) but with last few patches the issue has been completely fixed with newly added throwing animations… similar approach must be taken for wicket braking animation of the wicket keeper.

PS: as a cricketer I would like to add a small detail, we are always told that while wicketkeeping,the first step should be a small one so that you can judge how long dive or the second step should be to catch the ball.This if implemented in cricket 24 can completely solve the small sliding issue with the wicket keepers.


@JNT_BA Best patch till now, game is looking more real.
Just wanted to ask about Perks, is there any chance of bringing Perks in Cricket 24?

what a great patch, next steps need be a pitch rework or upgrade. Need to see some real wear and cracks forming and grass slowly dissappearing.

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Is it just me or deterioration of ball is not having any physical impact in the game, also the visual deterioration of the ball is very very inconsistent…it goes from completely new to completely old after 5-10 overs @JNT_BA @RossSymons

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@JNT_BA @RossSymons fantastic work so far on Cricket 24. The personality and batting styles of the following licensed players need to be changed

  1. KL Rahul
    Currently KL has been asigned with Standard Batting style. He should be assigned with Style 7

  2. T Natarajan
    Natarajan bowls a lot of cutters in real life but he is a Left arm Fast Medium pacer. The current version is Medium pacer in game which needs to be changed

  3. Mohammed Shami
    The Indian pace sensation put the world cup 2023 on fire with his Seam and swing. He has been made Right Arm Fast Bowler which actually should be Right Arm Fast Medium Bowler. Also it would be great if you add Shami’s bowling action in the game as it would add more depth to one of the great World Cup Bowlers

  4. Ellyse Perry
    The Legend From Australia is known for her strong batting technique which makes her the toughest to dismiss. The Batting style 6 alloted to her from Cricket 22 doesn’t suit her batting style at all. She should be allotted the Standard Batting style as she is textbook perfect in real life

  5. Bhuvneshwar Kumar
    The swing master has been made Right arm medium pacer in game where as in real life he bowls around 120-135 kmph which generally comes under the Fast Medium pacer category. So I request you to change Bhuvneshwar Kumar from RM to RFM

I request you to do these changes for making all these players realistic. I am a YouTube content creator who streams Cricket 24 and my audience would surely love to see all these changes take place which may encourage them to purchase the game and enjoy it.


I’ll pass these on to the team to get looked at in the morning!


Can you get us info on as to what the team is doing regarding the ball deterioration and shadows

@JNT_BA @RossSymons I guess short leg fielder issue and issues pertaining to fielders fielding very close to the pitch can be rectified by coding such positions differently and with different animation…I raised a ticket for the same when the game was not released…also, a mechanism of reaction time could be introduced for these fielders so that they can stop taking such unrealistic catches. However at the same time, the team must not mess up fielders fielding at other positions because it is improving and appears to be heading in a right direction.

PS: tag catches in the game are missing, it needs to be introduced

Thank you so much for listening, Awesome Patch. Run out frequency is balanced of AI but Can you guys improve this for 2 players ( Player vs Player ) too?

@JNT_BA @RossSymons

your team really doing well. i have some feedback listed below.

when Burmah bowling, he takes time to bowl, if you reduce the distance of running, it will be good.

when applying DRS, umpire giving result (out / not out) without checking / showing ball tracking, snicker meter.

when i am playing men ashes, England player (jak Crawley) head face crop out.

when playing backfoot shot, player move completely away from the stumps, instead of bending his body (not happen every time)

could you please increase the boundary size of all Indian grounds.

need to fix FPS drop when playing day night or night match.

could you please resolve commentary issue like somewhere commentary is missing, somewhere commentary is mismatching with gameplay. when playing cricket commentary gives authentic feel of play.

please consider this feedback in your future patches.


When playing Indian t20, Chris Jordan’s head doesn’t exist. Also, when there is a review, the commentator keeps repeating ‘there’s no edge, this could be trouble’ up to four times.

Good last patch well done

@JNT_BA with the new slider setting for dynamic camera angle, Rohit Sharma batting style would act as icing on cake… kindly ask the animation team for Rohit Sharma and Suryakumar batting styles…I guess they would be easier to add as both of them have very distinct batting styles

thisss !!! really would add a lot of realism to the wicketkeeping aspect!! @JNT_BA

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I’m pretty sure that the batting stances require photogrammetry which means you’d need the player to actually be present to model the shot play. Not as easy as you’re suggesting.

Photogrammetry is just for facial likeness…for batting stances we need mocap…mocap does not require actual player to be present in the studio, they can hire any first class cricketer (or anyone good at imitating) and ask him to imitate the shots and stance they want in the game.

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Hi, The game is good now congratulations to that.

I play only career mode and skip to career player is taking anywhere between 6 seconds to 10 seconds on PS5, I take a single and waiting again for my chance is painful and loosing immersion. Please look into it , i raised the issue previously as well .

I have a query, if I am representing an associate nation for example Nepal, will I ever get a chance to become test nation, otherwise I will never get to play with top teams. With test nation status I get to play bilateral series as well in all formats , now I feel I am stuck in the loop of playing only associates cup. Kindly clarify on the progress of an associate team.

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Hey Team @JNT_BA @RossSymons

Why we cant use field logos in custom stadiums and Why you guys reduced to only 4 logos. In Cricket 19 we can use 11 logos in stadiums and there was option in Cricket 19 that we can set starting logo and ending logo that helps in creating designed stadiums of world cups and IPL

Field logo like this

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