Delayed or cancelled?

I’m a bit concerned that we havent heard anything since the announcement trailer. I have reached out to the socials of big ant, nacon and the rugby 24 pages but getting no response.

If there is a delay then im sure we’d all just like to know so. Given the new cricket game has been delayed, id assume this game is too, as this was due to release after the cricket game. But on the other hand, not releasing rugby 24 prior to the start of the world cup would be a massive missed opportunity. Also id hope that the game is advertised in some capacity at the world cup given that it has the official licence.

Hopefully its not the latter and the game is being cancelled. That would be awful for us fans and rugby gaming in general.

Hope to hear something soon, hope all is well keep up the good work big ant but please give us something :joy:


No news of the tennis game either. Literally no idea what the point of launching theses forums was.


Given that the this is the official game of the world cup, I really hope that they’ve just been waiting for the squads to be announced before releasing further information/game footage.

Most of the squads are getting announced this week so surely we’ll get some news in the next few days, after all its less than 5 weeks to go!


Hopefully there will be some news at Gamescon later this month.

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They’re cutting it close. I get that nacon and big ant wouldnt want spend loads on advertising to keep costs down, but youd think they would want more than a months worth :joy:. We’re officially less than a month till launch now :grimacing:


Gamescon would be leaving it awfully late imo!

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According to the list of developers on the gamescom website, big ant arent there either. What is going on with this game :joy:

It should be the publisher in attendance, Nacon.

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Point still stands, Nacon arent listed either :joy:

Yeah, I checked afterwards!

There is officially no hope then! :joy:



So the admin does lurk here!

Oh yeah, never think I don’t read everything. There’s just not much to say at the moment on some of the projects, as that’s not my department, once the games are out I’ll be here lots more chatting. But I love reading all the feedback and suggestions.


That’s good to know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah its listed as Nacon SAS.

I’ve seen a ruck in development. Not enough blood though or squeals from the tapdance…
I can almost hear Bill McLaren yelling “Garryowen”

Amazon UK no longer showing a release date of 07.09. Cricket game = delayed. Rugby = delayed. Tennis = MIA. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I really hope it is just a case of poor communication on NACON’S behalf, we are used to this. But if the game for some reason isn’t complete, and needs to be delayed then I would like to see the game get released on the 7th or shortly thereafter with at least the World Cup mode, and then the rest can be finalized and released at a later date with a patch. :thinking: what’s your thoughts on this?


Im assuming itll be delayed, big ant arent a huge studio and they have had issues with afl 23 and the cricket game being delayed. I dont see how Rugby 24 will leapfrog Cricket 24 to be released in time for the world cup, especially with little to no marketing. It seems as though the amazon uk date of 31st december is a placeholder date for now. Other websites are still saying 7/9/23, also worth mentioning that we havent even seen the legit cover art for the game yet :joy:


Rugby 24 if done right could be your flagship game as the market is huge for it. Would like to see attacking gameplay built on from league live which had loads of potential, lineouts to be a timed action and awarded on the skillset of the lineout thrower used and the locks skillset to inable the player to time the catch e.g pressing square on a meter type system for the to throw a good ball then pressing square to catch or triangle to tap back O for maul the lock could just have his indicator turn green for a timed catch/tapback. Tactics for instance you could trigger a set up for forwards to pick and go and crowd the ruck area, or another tactic reducing how many commit to the ruck to allow for speed of distribution etc. The kicking and different types of kicks to be assigned to 1 button e.g for PS4 allowing kicking to be used for the X button varying types of kicks with a long hold, double press or press X with L1 for a chipkick for instance. Good luck with the game development, great gameplay, simple menu interactions and licenses looking forward to enjoying the game.