Feedback on EA 4

First of all thank you for your work.

Now I would like to share my opinion about last update:


  • stamina - It seems to me that players are actually tired after longer time
  • more fluid strokes and movement
  • is possible to play smash again
  • AI is better at the net and could deal with drop shots and lobs, but there is still room for improvments
  • AI has better range of movement - I mean that it’s able to run out more balls
  • speed of the game
  • repaired serve mechanic, but…


  • adrenaline shots - I just don’t like it and seems to me pointless. Make it optional or remove it
  • serve is still not a big advantage unlike of real tennis
  • is impossible to hit an ace
  • serve is not risky at all (some slider for serve sensitivity would be great)
  • AI has still 1st serve successfull rate 95% and higher and doesn’t make double faults
  • AI still plays underarm serve too often which is nonsense. Every time I punish that.
  • GAME IS TOO EASY ON EXPERT LEVEL! Please raise a level of AI otherwise the game will maintain boring.
  • strokes, especially top spin, aren’t risky at all. There is possible to play perfect angles with no stress from making an errors (the same suggestion as for serve - slider for strokes sensitivity would be helpful in this case)
  • return is little bit overpowered and errors from it just don’t exist. I think that is definitetely related to state of serve mechanic

I agree that the adrenalin should be removed as it’s just fantasy, and that you should concentrate on the animations, movement and timing.

loot at the gameplay of your concurent…Again, the most important is the animation of the player

I think you can also add some lighting effects to make the game a bit more real.

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I’m adding results of my last two matches on Expert Level:
Dimitrov (me) vs. Alcaraz - 6:1,6:0
Alcaraz (me) vs. Medvedev - 6:0, 6:0

So, difficulty isn’t good at all. It’s not challenging. This is big issue, which needs to be reworked. But overall game looks great and I’m ok with controls.

Suggestions how to improve difficulty:

  1. AI should play more aggresively
  2. AI should play more accurate balls. As it stands now, AI often plays shots to the middle
  3. strokes must be more risky to play - especially aiming to the corners and palying perfect angles
  4. make sevice stronger and more efficient, but on the other hand more risky to play
  5. make return weaker and possible make an errors from it
  6. AI sholdn’t play underarm serve (maybe max one time per match) - it’s nonsense
  7. AI should running even more. Sometimes doesn’t even try to get the ball

Also I noticed that is hard to play deep and strong volleys. I’m able to play usually only week and short ones. Maybe someone could give me an advice how to play it?


Agree with Vikisak ,
the game is too easy on expert level . you shouldre re-evaluate easy , medium , hard and expert level and increasy difficulty .

Once again , please take exemple on AO Tennis 2 difficulty

Regarding the gameplay , the gameplay is more fluid and playable

And so please , delete adrenaline shoot , no need this feature on tennis simulation game

Keep it up . :+1: :+1:

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This acutalization is the most significant for me in terms of gameplay.
Great progress! They are really focusing on gameplay, it feels much better player control, rallies are better now. Keep it up.
It still happens that many balls stay in the net both with serve and top spin from the baseline.
The slice should be improved, it is almost always in the middle of the court.

As I said in the other thread, I think the stamina is a great decision, I liked it. But the adrenaline mode is the opposite, I don’t like it at all and I see it unnecessary.

The IA (expert level) also plays better, but it seems to me that it makes few mistakes when taken to a forced point of error, and misses absurd and easy shots to put in the field. I also noticed that when he has to define a short shot going up to the net he always does it parallel when the logic and the easiest way is to do it crosscourt. And he abuses the serve underarm, 4/5 per set has made me and if before the throw we take the player backwards many times he does it. I think it should be particular to each player and not abuse that.

Please change the clothes of the chair umpire, he looks like an All Blacks rugby player!


Thank you for listening to the players’ feedback,
delete adranaline,

focus on player animations, timing of shots and increasing the difficulty in all modes.


Hi Devs, I just wondering if you may release updates in a shorter period? In my opinion it would be win for both sides as we could be more responsive to changes with feedback and you would react quicker to that in terms of development.

But I know that is probably not possible because of any difficulties.

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We release updates as they are ready to go. We don’t finish it then wait a month to push it out. Some things are very quick some things are extremely slow depending on many factors. While things like bug fixes can be done relatively fast, depending on the issue, actual content to play can take time to test and get right need multiple teams to work on it before going out to you to see how it feels when we want to add things in.


Yeah, I totally undestand. Thank you for quick answer.


Caught me at a good time!


That kind of communication makes this the best tennis game ever.

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Animation in general still looks robotic or not realistic. Even if you said rosters has their own animation, they still look unnatural, very far from quality of animation of TS.

Another thing I notice, the ball is always going to the feet of the opponent, so it causes a lot of unrealistic ‘scoop’ rallies, just back and forth from the toes, which also leads to this stupid push/prod shot happening way too often.

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100% agree, the slice shot is not good at all. Maybe devs needs to fully rebuild it.

I will give a new personnal review here, hope devs can see it.
(I’m french, sorry if there is some mistakes, I’m doing my best ahah).

To be honest, Top Spin gameplay is better, that’s obvious. At least for now. More natural, more balanced. But I’m enjoying the game.

I’m feeling more long-term potential for Tie Break. Potentially, more depthness. Updates are good, and this is better everytime.

+++ : Signature shot. On this point, really, that’s excellent. A lot of custom animations, and variety. Ruud, Swiatek, Medvedev, etc etc… Well well done. And, if we are talking once again about Top Spin, there is not match. Top Spin is so disappointing about that. And I’m sure we will see more to come from you (in creator player, we can see some custom animation like Federer & Nadal…).
++ : Venues. That’s great, and we don’t have everything for now. You are talking about all ATP 250/500/1000, I’m looking forward about it, especially for career mode.

: Ball physic. Good, except slice and drop shot, like I said just before…
: Global gameplay. Timing, variety, power shot, … So much potential. That’s just okay for now…

: … Because we need some major improvment. Slice, already said. Ball physic, animation, trajectory… Everything is weak.
// Player movement is better than day one of early access. But I’m sure something better is possible. More natural. For example, when player is sliding, that’s not natural. Looks like it’s a bad mechanic of the game, or something too much… Like I said, this is not natural. And it’s so annoying because custom shot animation is so great.
// IA volley, that’s pretty broken, some stupid shot by the IA.
// Sometimes, game can be something like crazy, everything starts to be so fast, especially at the net.
// The net… There is too much net (or let, take what you want ahah). This is better than day one, because day one, what a nightmare lmao. At least 1 net by game. That’s annoying.
// You already said that you are working on the serve, so I will not talk about that, because I’m waiting for the new mechanic.

: Player attitude. I know that you took some assets from AO1/AO2/TWT. But we can see a huge difference between great custom animation and player reaction. Custom animation is new, and it’s a very good work. But player reaction, at 99%, it’s build from AO1/AO2/TWT, and well… That’s not good. This is not natural, not realistic. Top Spin is good for that, for example. After every point, player is walking, or looking at the sky, with no emotion, no natural feeling… I know there is up button and down button choice, but maybe you can add some automatic reaction (and after let the choice to player, but I’m not really sure if it’s used a lot by community…), because for now, this is very strange to see (for example, I lost a match again Murray, and at the end of the match, Murray was waiting, just like that, no joy, no happiness, and same for my player, just… waiting…).

Neutral : Adrenalin thing. Looks like cards from TWT but come on… We don’t need that on an official WTA/ATP game. Maybe you can add some funny game mode with that adrenalin thing, but not during classic game. At least, give us the choice to not have it.

Come on Big Ant, you can do something great! Right now, I’m playing Top Spin and Tie Break. And like I said, in long term, your game could be so much better. Huge potentia

Yes, you are absolutely right, this should be improved! There is indeed a lot of push/prod shot. This often happens even when you have to run for the ball, and you can’t hit forehand or backhand. When the ball “comes to hand”, it is almost the only time you can hit the ball properly. Improve the running forehand and running beckhand. It would be nice if you could also hit forehand and backhand from running. I hope the developers understand exactly what I mean.

Unfortunately volleys are really broken in this update in terms of power and placement. I’ve tested it also in Volleys tutorial and is impossible to finish it cause I can play only very short and hilariosly week shots, so there is no chance to hit targets behind serve line.

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The ball speed now with this update is perfectly fine…no need to change it…only change other things like animations when players hit the ball…just keep doing what you do with the next updates…you are moving in the right direction…the Gameplay feels much better now…thanks for your efforts and keep it going :+1::ok_hand:


Could the AI be made harder in a hotfix? I’m just asking so that we don’t have to wait another month or two for the next EA update. Thank you!


Yes, ball speed is ok but not for volleys. It needs hotfix too

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Yes, definitely. The gameplay is much better since EA4 came out. It’s very enjoyable, and you can finally play long rallies. I’m finally not hitting as many nets as I did in previous episodes.

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Taylor Fritz makes interesting sounds while serving. Please fix it!