Launch (EA1) Patch 1 Notes

  • Improved Tackling (Ongoing)
    Improved tackle effectiveness, reducing simple running around the AI and improved user tackles.

  • Improved passing (Ongoing)
    Improved passing ball trajectory and player timing of their runs, reducing missed passes. Improved passing from the ruck.

  • Improved ruck join speed
    Attacking players will join the ruck faster.

  • Corrected Controls screen and Settings text
    Corrected mislabelled controls, including the Side camera option being labeled ‘High’ and omitted controls including the “B” button for a tackle.

  • Corrected competition mode scoring system
    New Custom Competition mode saves will utilise the correct 4 points for a win, and 2 points for a draw scoring system.

  • Adjusted night match start time
    Reduction in the occurrence of harsh shadows due to some matches beginning at dusk before the lights would turn on.

  • General stability improvements
    Improved game stability and non-progression issues (game not advancing and plays not able to complete, particularly during rucks).


Big update size wise!

Looking forward to trying it out


Any news when we can expect rugby 25 to be on console?

That won’t be soon while we work through the Early Access period. Once we have a date there will certainly be an announcement.


Ruck was better before update, who ever decides to be scrum half takes way to long to get to the ruck and than takes it’s time to pass aswell slowing the game way down

Thanks for getting the patch out so late tonight guys, the Ruck action seems to form a lot quicker now which is a noticeable improvement.
However I am noticing every ruck that the 9 is sitting 10-15m back from the formed ruck and this is causing an awkward transition period for a couple seconds where the 9 runs into the ruck as there is no one there to pass the ball out. I would say more than 50% of the time it ends up just being a random other player and then the 9 just stands there.


Player roles are not strictly adhered to ATM, it is something that will be introduced as we get the game balance nailed down.


I always wanted big ant to make a rugby union game. Thanks Ross

Things i want to see as a fan

  1. Players standing on corrrect postion and pods opstions in attack

  2. Setplays

  3. Realistic career mode player and coach. Start at gras roots to internastional. Coach career mode other clubs can buy you as a coach

  4. Alot of cutscens just bring live to the game. Showing stats

  5. In career mode for internastional must be world rankings that woul be cool and Tours like Autum tours and July tours.

Just want to know wil world cup stil be in the game ?

I like that you can now steal the ball by pressing the X button. The issue is that once your player makes the steal, he kicks it as X is also used for kicking. It would make more sense for the steal button to be one that isn’t used while on attack. The player movement when catching is now better. The 9 taking an age to get to the ruck is now and issue, but the ruck has improved a little/the bug at ruck time has gone. Improved in play kicking is still needed, as there is not enough time to place ut where you want. Still a lot to work on, but the patch is making it more playable.


Ok, so some first thoughts:


Game does flow better and is more fun to play. The bugs at rucktime etc seem to be gone

Room for improvements
Tackling still feels light, as does player movement.

Momentum is still not there. Rucks take place in a vacuum, and by the time the ball is out the ruck is gone and everyone is back on their feet ready to go again. Means there is no benefit to playing it tight before going wide and you may as well just ping the ball laterally over and over.

Rucking is still poor, but better. Looks and feels too organised. Also a problem that after I steal the ball, I will immediately chip and chase due to double inputs. It also appears that if control is not bound to a player in the ruck, that I can’t steal (the player does the action with his hands, but in the backline). Not sure how to get around this?

Takes whoever is the half back a ton of time to get to the ruck, and they only get there once it is won.

Passing still needs improvement - a system more similar to RLL4 would be appreciated to vary the passing. Also offloading either appears to be impossible, or just too infrequent?

Shape also needs improvement, both in attack and defence.

Kicking could be better. Can we have the RLL4 system please?


Right direction, but still lots of room for improvement to get the game to where it should be. Important Q I suppose from my perspective is how much can be taken from RLL4? It looks like lots of the animations are and I believe the engine is, but if stuff can’t be taken across, I’ll stop suggesting it?



Thanks for the patch.

The gameplay seems a lot smoother, the animations as well.

The rucks forming is incredibly faster and it’s real good.

The players sometimes get a great angle to run.

The pass are far greater.

The Ai seems harded, played with hardest difficulty and seems really harder especially compered with AI we had before.


Now the 9 or whomever will play the ball in the ruck take too much time and disrupt the momentum of game.

Although the passes and running line of the players seems better, sometimes when you pass (depending on the reciever positions), the ball takes an arch tajectory even though the players are 1 or 2 meters apart, letting in some frustating interception.

No bonus points in the competition mode.

Other things out of the todays patch that i would like to point out:

When press A especcially in rucks the players choosen to be nearest is not indeed the nearest (most of time is choosen the Fullback)
Also happen in open play.

When the ball goes in touch the game cuts too soon into a cutscene.
Would like seen the ball bouncing around, or the player going out.
( tried to dive really early around the try corner and i was going to end up in touch but the game switch to the cutscenes almost 1 meter before i touch the line)
(Maybe i get why it is for a EA, But hoping will be in the final version)

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So about the patch note I’m happy to see that i can do fowards pass and the ref whistle for the scrum but we still got the same issue that during a ruck i can run into the offensive line wait for them to catch the ball tackle him and not being offside so still some offsides issues. The half back take to much time at everyruck i think it could be nice to add maybe a ruck rate for the speed of the ball like if you are on a 1on1 ruck the ball gonna come out slower and if you a 2on1 or 3on2 the ball gonna come faster . Could be great to add some jackal and a button for the ball carrier to keep the ball on the ground like in rugby challenge 4 so it could give you 1/2 to be penalised or be able to keep the ball the time your support come. If i got 2 defender on the ruck before the supporr it should be considered like a counter ruck so give the ball to the defense. I really like the scrum game maybe add a button like in rugby 08 to make the scrum fall down if you are beinf dominated so you got 1/2 chance of the scrum running again for you or a penalty against you same thing give the possibility to the other team to hook the ball it could be a game like the fastest one hook the ball. I think i never saw a number 8 run the ball after the scrum too? And yeah the 2 most important thing to work now is the player position cause it’s still unplayable when you try to build some phases and get some new animation for the tackling, hand off, bump off and steps like rugby 08 had so many animations for the tackle so does rugby challenge too you should take some.

Thanks again for you work but still plenty things to do. Have a nice day

Hi @RossSymons & Team

Thank you for the update today, some good improvements. I don’t know if this is too large to mention right now or if licensing is done and dusted.

But in my opinion, an underutilized aspect of Career Mode in rugby games of the past was Promo/Relegation as a club/nation. I thought the division’s aspect of Rugby 22 was great, and getting promoted or relegated added a nice layer to the mode.

In Rugby 25, it would add so much depth if we could recreate this within club or national seasons, (example) a ProD2 club being promoted to Top14. If you wanted to get solid depth and replay ability within the club seasons, I think it would be a must to get the Nationale 1 licensed (3rd Div France). Seeing as you might’ve had Massy and Valance Romans licensed already and now you might have to acquire the licensing for Stade Nice. Having the 3 tiers from the French league could make career mode interesting and thorough. I can see a lot of fun in the idea of taking a French 3rd div team to Top14 through Promo/Relegation.

From an international standpoint, this could also be applied through Rugby Europe and their divisions (Example) Like how the Swiss have been promoted to the Rugby Europe Trophy for next season.

Give realistic scores when simulating a match.

Rucking in R22 was perfect, it was based on players ruck ability, fatigue and user input (timing of adding guys to ruck, jackal and when to not contest and leave guys on defense) that is what rucking should be. Not this lottery and button smashing.

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To start I think the huge amount of negativity around the internet is counter-productive and under appreciative of what work has gone into this. No game has offered this level of licensing and graphics since 08 so first off amazing work there!!

I would be more than happy to speak with any of the team further on this and help where I can as I am that sucker that loves his rugby, and still plays RLL4 as its actually got a rugby feel to it despite being League haha.

We have 1 big factor of the game and now hopefully the community support will help get the rest. Here are a mixture of my early feedback ideas, and some suggestions on what to bring/fix from RLL4. A lot of it is hoping for depth of teams in the later game and are complex, absolutely agree gameplay and glitches should be focused on. I am using Xbox controls FYI😊

Gameplay so far: Love the graphics and kicking, but would like to see RLL4 goal kicks as it gives variation and detail to where you want to kick. Commentary is world class too! Love it. Would like to see defenders not glitch over to tackle when making breaks as sometimes when going into contact, a 1 v 1 ounces they are beaten or in the area, the defenders are just somehow all over the attacker and no chance to attack. Defo need more animations of going int contact, of 2/3 players making Union-style tackles not League-style ones. Bring big drives into the game like inRLL4 where stronger players could get extra yards in the tackle. I think more players who ruck/tackle/miss the tackle could be out the game for an extra second so if a player gets quick ball, there are overlaps as the D seemed too organised all the time so was a little hard to attack and find space. Rucks are a bit confusing but have potential to be improved for sure, without allowing any player to get turnovers.

  1. Playstyles
  • it would be great to have teams setup differently with different tactics and ways they play. So a Saracens may be more kicking based, South Africa would have a blitz defence and Fiji may be a flair team which looks for offloads and kick some less to name a few

  • this would have depth to playing against and as different teams whereby you can alter how they play

  • Teams can then specialise their counter rucking, slow tempo, fast tempo, big defence or highly strung attack (Harlequins for example) Who would naturally concede more points but score more (Like Super Rugby as a whole)

  1. Defence

-bring in the RLL4 LT to tackle as that worked well and potentially add in a low tackle to get defenders down but open for offload and chance to be sat down in the tackle or boomfa’d as JT liked to say. Then a hold up/higher tackle which stops offloads but could be stepped easier and has a risk of high tackle if sprinting and low tackle stats/energy.

  • Big hits could be another button, but risk being stepped, takes up energy and high risk of dangerous tackle if mistimed or low stats

  • have interceptions be quite overpowered as they should be really rewarding if the play is read well

-Slow defender movements if holding high tackle, but concede yardage in the tackle a bit

  1. Animations
  • More tackles, too many league based tackles and I think low tackle could be a button with LT being a more upright slower movement tackle to stop the offload but high risk of penalty and sin bin

-Goal kicking needs to be more fluid

  • Maybe have a player holding the ball when really windy?

  • celebrations when scoring, like in RLL4, not an instant cutscene but players would subtly celebrate when they score a try with a fist bump, a tense or a point to the crowd for example. And players celebrating with them like in the cutscene, but seeing it from the normal angle of playing would be quite cool and immersive

  • Try scoring: Bring back X or keep using A as put down and XX/AA to dive, make them less glitchy and odd like in RLL4

  • Tackle break animations, fend on outside break to create some space and not be slowed down, carry forward to break out of low tackles, need a lot more animations in the tackle zone nearly breaking free of tackle

  • SIDE STEP – same step as RLL4 and needs to be more animations, I think If players change angles harshly then there should be an animation

  1. Quick ball and rucks, organising attacks

I think quick ball/offloads (KBA as Ronan O’Gara says) should be a core function to opening gaps in defences. If you ruck well, and break line or half break, beat defenders they stay out of the game sometimes and gaps open up/ offside become more common which are nearly guaranteed when quick ball is happening. Quick ball would be a result of good ruck timing/ stats, so if timed too early can be penalised for off feet or side entry.

Tackle, hold LT for standard tackle (more upright so chance of high tackle if low fitness or sprinting) B for low tackle? And then hold that button down to slow the ball down, preventing Quick ball (Like in RLL4 for slowing play of the ball) and so more penalties again which is common in rugby.

Forward pods (get them close to rucks not on wings) and quicker entry so rucks can be faster, spamming ruck join could be penalty? But importantly there should be a jackal/steal option that is based off player stats (I.e your Tom Curry’s or Kwagga Smith’s being highly likely to steal the ball). Which adds a wider array of value to players with this stat – lower rated players could be penalised. And if the ruck is clearly lost and trying to steal results in a pen! V important I think.

To jackal it could be you need to release the tackle button as mentioned earlier, and then press X as it is now, but only works If jackler beats the ruck entry as if the other forwards enter the ruck then they must stop or are penalised/ don’t get the ball. Timing and watching the ruck is key here, with better jacklers being much faster than average other players.

Add RLL4 RB and LB to pass to 10/playmaker/kicker whoever has next best kicking stats if 10 was tackled 15 would step in or the 12 if applicable. This helps find a kicking option in open play and off rucks. RB and LB hits pod off ruck, and same skip pass option if applicable

  1. Badges/traits like in Cricket 22
  • Have badges and traits that give players boosted skills and abilities:

Jackler – faster and more efficient turnover at breakdowns

Long range goal kicker – kick at goal from longer distances (energy penalty so doesn’t get overused)

Big hitter – more big hits with less chance of penalties

Blitzer – rushes out the line to stop plays (but can be exposed if not suited to team playstyle)

Offloader – more chance of successful offload

Mauler – helps drive mauls

Hot stepper- beats more defenders with a step

Ball carrier – can carry more in a game than normal without losing stamina

ETC ETC. can come up with so many if you would like me to help provide more :blush:

  1. Choose goal kicker in game

And pick captain

  1. STATS

Bring back post-match stats/in-season stats like in RLL4. They hugely help view what players were good and where, which can help careers when signing players who may average more kicking metres etc. Plus its engaging to see which players put in big shifts etc.

Then have end of season best players, top tackler, try scorer, assists etc (could add value to players?)

  1. Set pieces
  • Lineout:

Need to revamp and add more complexity. I like the idea of using left thumb stick to select initial pod to lift, then have fake lift option and a quick move to another pod with A,B,X, as differing options such as pass off the top, Maul, land and pop to 9 (could be less chance of knock on in bad weather)

  • Defenders can press Y to steal by tapping the ball, if too early ( to not Overpower it, it’s a penalty advantage)

  • Set plays off set piece should be a huge power play if passes are good etc

-Mauls can be driven by attacking teams by B, like rucks and defenders can do the same, but if the maul stats/Team style favours the maul theirs is stronger


I like them so far, need to reward teams that have a playstyle of strong scrum/players good at scrums that can bring out pens. Lots of scrums are penalties now, but if not they are great to attack from or if you mistime the buttons on the minigame then it’s a penalty!!!

  1. Set Plays
  • Off scrum/ruck, on attack using arrows to either pick set move or random them like in RLL4

  • Arrows could be used to different attacks like a sweep blindside (Like Aus in 2015 World cup when attackers switch to blindside attack and create overlap)

  • Or use arrows to move numbers right or left, like when 9’s command forwards to move to one side when kicking or setting up phases (9 animation of telling players to change sides)

If want to add more and more set plays in, teams need to have select ones pre match and in career they will need to be practised to be better. If lots of options, Hold LT to view second set of set plays

  1. Career

Fix financial glitch from RLL4 where money would just be so hard to understand and would run out and not be able to afford to keep people. Which was daft and infuriating when winning and not spending a penny all season

Need ways to improve and develop morale, chemistry, confidence etc – use days/or currency to do team morale events – makes carrer mode more immersive


Incredibly detailed feedback - thanks - really appreciate it.

On the RLL animation comments - there are meant to be “back up” animations that come from RLL4, only to be used when no new Rugby animation was appropriate for the situation, but there are a few issues in animation selection found by coders today (the wrong ones being chosen). When this is fixed you will very rarely, if at all, see a Rugby League animation.


Thanks for being so open with us, people need to stop complaining and just say the game is bad but give feedback because you and the team so for has been very open to communicate with us, glad to be on this adventure

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On RLL4, I noticed that when two tacklers came with a slight delay, the animations included both tacklers, whereas in the majority of rugby games, the first tackler found himself tackling the wind, and the animation started again for second, as if the first had never existed.

It was really a good thing from RLL4, but for now on R25 we find these wind tacklers.

Is an improvement planned?

I would like there to be an option for a pick and go by the forwards. The only player who can pick and go is the 9. When he does this, it isn’t fluid. He runs into the ruck, then reverses backwards and then you can move him. Being able to do a forward pick and go as well as the 9 and specify left or right would be good.

Also, an option to pass directly from 9 to 10 is needed. This is so moves can be set up/the 10 can kick it down field. This would be more reflective of a typical rugby match.

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And you are totally right the animation for RLL4 were perfect but perfect for rugby league not for rugby union so it be better if you make some new animations yeah it could be better for the public image of the game where most of the pepole complain cause it’s like RLL4. By the way i made a video footage of the best type of animation in tackling or breaking tackle from every rugby game that could be a real good addition for the game it took me an hour just for the sake of the game haha.
Not making any pub for me I’m not a YouTube artist I’m just trying to give some idea so don’t put me out admin pls lmao( just saw that we can’t post link). And i have to say sorry cause actually i saw a scrum going on the ground because i didn’t perform on the mini game that was incredible , love the details on the center putting his hands on his knees

Just one thing for the graphics, the field don’t look really nice . And yeah about the number 9 he takes to much time to go to the ruck 10 second