Launch (EA1) Patch 1 Notes

I actually observed one guy post a video on YouTube a few days ago. Same issue but he was controlling a team. The Ai and his team all walked backwards about from halfway line all the way into touch into the in goal. I wanted to post the video on here but was unsure as it’s not me playing the game and not my video. But just confirming it can happen if you are controlling a team in the game.

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Try Scoring:
Animations are a bit janky. Sometimes they look x2 speed and even 3x speed for a half second, or they bend so far that its physically impossible while running and shoot back up. It just doesn’t look very realistic.

Being able to select different animations, would be very nice, for example:

A: tapping the ball down
B: Diving over the line and sliding
X: Diving into the corner and tapping the ball down while still in the air.
Y: Flashy try animations, like a huge leap, or tapping the ball down and rolling or diving over.

An implementation like that would be nice, to have a various selection of tries to choose from. And having that split second decision in the corner to go for a risky in the air corner dive, or trying to get low and dive in without getting tackled out is a feature i think we would all love.

Stuff you guys should add:

  1. Player creator
  2. Better strategic passing or moves
  3. Fake pass and other moves
  4. Smooth gameplay/passing
  5. Realism, it should be as close to real rugby
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@JNT_BA do you know if there’s a patch being released this week?


As soon as Ross or I can confirm we will.


Boss Ross said on X(twitter) that he is expecting us to get one this week as it’s been in test on Monday last he checked


Yep, I know what he said, but above is the keyword.

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What’s so important about the word “above”?


hahaha you got me on that one


Helllo, just would like to give a feedback about the quality of the grass, i think it would be better to give it a more realistic touch, kinda like what rugby 22 did.


we do not need anything from rugby 22s goofy game


Rugby 22 might not been a great game but he had a lot of mechanisms that was fresh and looks more like rugby than any other games.


It is interesting to me that RLL seems to be the template for the new rugby game and not rugby 22 you and I may be one of the few that doesn’t mind rugby 22 though haha

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You know I actually agree with you, I find Rugby 22 quite enjoyable, the flow is pretty good, perhaps replacing the rucking system with something similar to Rugby Challenge, and a few tweaks here and there along with the current licenses and stadiums this could actually be an excellent game

So a new topic has been created. So feedback there will be best. I’m going to “lock” this one to keep it clean but also for preservation to not cross-contaminate updates.