Logos Data Corrupted Issue

I am facing this issue repeatedly in my PS4 PRO.

Even though I started to create a new data and download all things and play a game means! After finish the match, then came main menu after that when I try close the game means it crash and then again open game means it shows like this is which showed above image.

Then while downloading the teams from community it will downloading the Jersey Content alone not players Playfaces!

Please let me know the limits of logos!

Whenever the logos are full means how can we know that? In Cricket 19 it shows the pop-up when the logos data is full.

I am also using ps4 nd faced this issue as well . I’m not 100% sure but whenever you download anything from the comunity u always get an option either to replace the current with the new one or not , at that point always select to not replace anything at all … Since i did it i never have this issue … i m not sure if it helps you or not but i think you can try …

So far How many teams you have downloaded from the community!

While downloading the Bats it will ask Would you like replace the logo yes or no. What option you have selected.

I have only downloaded international teams from the comunity … Nd i always selected no whenever been asked to replace any logo …

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I play on PS4 and I have not even been able to download any logos without the game crashing and deleting my logo data. This is been goin on for 3-4 months now. I dont event want play this game anymore they ruined a good game that worked in cricket 22. They should do better with there servers so the game doesn’t crash. I have tried everything and nothing seems to fix this issue. It’s a broken game for PS4.

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Yes If we create a New Data also again we face this issue repeatedly! I am facing this issue From January!

Same issue I have rebuild the database as some videos on YouTube suggested, I have deleted and redownloaded the game and tried to delete corrupted data which is pointless because it deletes everything you have downloaded to make the game as authentic as possible. It’s super frustrating and as mention in one of the comments lower down I don’t even want to play the game anymore it’s broken. Seriously when is this going to be fixed…… can’t believe I am struggling like this once again with a BA game.

Yes! It is so frustrated :disappointed: because of this issue!