New Fresh Look to the Game UI

  • A small but very effective change to the game would be the new Fresh and Creative UI of the Game.

  • Give us the new Title Logo of Cricket 24. This title, it’s fonts and colors look very generic now since it’s been used for the last two games (22 and 19). Please update them! Especially the Cover Art. Make them attractive to all the gamers in the different Regions.

  • I know the team is trying to make the menu system look like FIFA but honestly, I am not a huge fan of it. Just make it look unique like it was in the DBC 14. Make the menu options larger with images of legends in the colorful background.

  • And importantly, the Announcement Trailer of the Game. I really liked how Ashes Cricket 2017/18 was announced with a small cinematic gameplay of James Anderson. We want more Cinematic Trailers.

  • And please bring the MENU THEMES back for all the Teams!!

Please look into these. I’ll add more stuff if needed (and anyone reading, feel free to add)

The community supports you BIG ANT! Very excited for the game. Good Luck!


I appreciate your feedback on the game’s UI and logo. I totally understand the desire for a fresh and creative UI, and they should definitely take these inputs into consideration to bring a new and appealing title logo for Cricket 24. They would want the cover art to capture the attention of gamers from different regions, so they will definitely work on making it attractive and captivating.

Regarding the menu system, they know the preference for a unique design like in DBC 14. And they probably are exploring more better options to make the menu options larger and incorporate images of cricket legends against colorful backgrounds, ensuring a visually engaging experience for players.

Cinematic trailers are indeed captivating, and they will strive to create more of them for Cricket 24, following the example set by the announcement trailer of Ashes Cricket 2017/18 featuring James Anderson. Expect more exciting and immersive cinematic moments to build anticipation for the game.:sunglasses:

They must be hearing every request for menu themes for all the teams, and they will look into implementing this feature to enhance the customization and personalization options for players.

Together, we’ll make this game a grand success! Keep suggesting and spreading love for Cricket😊