Pro team questions

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@JNT_BA sorry for the late message, seems you’ve had a big day!

Please please please tell us we will get some sort of bonus pack/reward for pro team given the 12 month plus recent delay on the most anticipated part of the game.

I’m sure I speak for many here in saying us players would be very appreciative of some reward as an apology for the delays. Cos even tho a lot of the issues were out of Big Ants control, it’s gotta be borderline scamming players from get go. Don’t get me wrong glad things are improving now but delays are frustrating af.

For example FIFA often would gift a pack or something to players for a simple short outage. Whereas we’ve had 12 months of silence from your team. I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

Also one other thing. Please change the background music… it’s very mid. Some actual music would be great.

I would normally agree with a request like this, however this time around I’m inclined to disagree.

I’m just happy for the mode to launch and for Big Ant to be active in content for the coming future.

I’d much rather just get stuck into the game and start earning rewards for myself, I’ve waited this long so I don’t want things on a silver platter at this point.


Since the game is always online, they’d know who played it on the first day or in the first week. A couple of bonus packs for those players would be a great gesture of goodwill and gratitude.

U hope that we get pro team soon byt do we get a single player mode aswell as an online mode?

From an earlier conversation about the modes in ProTeam @JNT_BA did say there was possibly a single player. The details about the modes in PT aren’t very clear have to wait for more details from BA.

This has been an issue since the day the game was announced.

Will we be able to also use our ProTeams in like management mode or single match mode too? It would be amazing if we could

Unfortunately not. The team you create in Pro Team will be exclusive to that mode.

I’ve watched quite a few YouTube videos about ProTeam and the modes in it are hard to tell what they are , I’m hoping eventually we will get some descriptions of what each mode does.

as it should be ???

will we be able to put C and Kickouts to players in proteam like you can in normal mode? Also will we be able to purchase coins using real money or will we need to grind it all out, would love to spend some giftcards on packs,

Its like fifa you won’t be able to do that in fifa you can’t

I’m actually looking forward to it, I think I may even spend money on it. I have never done that even with ULT on FIFA/FC. It’s something different.

It’s good to support bro, hopefully they use earnings on making games better :slight_smile:

Will there be an option to have the AFLW in ProTeam? Or is it just going to be AFL only? Tbh adding the AFLW into ProTeam would definitely make ProTeam very unique and in a class of its own.

How would it make it unique? FC Ultimate team has women cards.

I also dont see why you would want a mixed team.

Here’s an in depth video on YouTube from Pink Panther Gaming and he explains a lot about what comes with ProTeam.
I highly recommend this video.