TieBreak announcement

if we are not getting an announce this week, I dont see Tie Break being released…

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Is this based on insider info?

Ridiculous statement. Could easily be announced in a few weeks.

Sadly they can’t even come up here to clarify something this simple- but no, the game will not be canceled. It is, however, not going to meet the November release period.


I am not surprised. I expect nothing but a shoddy game. If you know anything about tennis, or have ever watched a tennis match, you will see that AO Tennis, and Tennis World Tour, are both poor gameplay. Arcade. The two games have nothing to do with tennis. Top Spin series is the best.

Tbh, I am more interested in Top Spin 5 now.


Me too! Waiting for any official news

I wonder which will come first, the GTA 6 trailer or Tie Break/Top Spin announcement. The world holds its breath.


I think it will be GTA VI, dont see top spin 5 being announced before that. Although, if i am not wrong, original rumour of top spin 5 also spoke about an announcement in 2023.

“Late 2023” is now and is quickly passing by. It’s one thing to miss the tentative November date proposed by the leaked Nacon release calendar, but it’s an entirely different level to miss the “later this year” release window shown in the official reveal trailer, and on official channels….without a peep. How does this sort of thing happen?

They really need to change the way they communicate with the community.
For me if they will give us informations this year, it will be shortly and before the Christmas holidays.
EA made a very good communication for the EA WRC game, it’s not complicated.
A trailer, a release date or «period », some screenshots and informations about content.
I think we can not change them!
It’s sad for tennis fans

It’s a broken record at this point, but how a studio handles things like this is indicative of how they feel about the fans. There are no longer any excuses.

If they game was good, they would show a proper trailer, gameplay, screenshots and info about the content and licenses.

They would be careful with the marketing of the game and take time to inform us.

It’s funny to see a trailer of GTV VI which will arrive in 2 years and no picture or video of a game which should already be out (and don’t tell me they have less money, it’s a small company).
Ross Symon said this today on X:
« We have been responding that the game is still being developed, and ATM I’m loving playing it in the Studio. There will be news soon. »
So we have no choix but to wait and cross fingers.

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That response is exactly the issue I have with Big Ant despite Nacon being in control of information. Ross knows full and well that they (Nacon, Big Ant) barely acknowledged the game since its reveal in March and that the actual consumer concerns are about its supposed upcoming release date and lack of ANY information….yet he chooses to answer passive aggressively.

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Yes, you are right. Big ant actitudes are like: just expect the game to be revealed some time, but don’t expect to be informed. We don’t have to.

So, if I didnt get wrong, Ross is saying we should have news next week? Soon it means before christmas holidays…

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Where did he say that?

Ross was teasing us today with a twitter with hashtag Tiebreak, announcement is coming…


It doesn’t say anywhere in that Tweet that there will be news next week…