Wish list for rugby 24

  1. Must have fun game something we havent seen before

  2. Have awesome cutscenes for example things you see on live match and pre and post game.

  3. Community like in Cricket 22

  4. Building own staduim and kits

  5. Awesome comp like

World cup

Rugby championship

Six nations


Super rugby

Heineken cup

  1. Career mode

Must be realistic as possible . Start at college or University and get up with the ranks. And wil be awesome if you as carreer player can speak to media.

  1. Realistic coach career mode.

Start at college or university and you can be bought by any club or international team


As someone who plays alot of the big ant sports games such as Alf rugby league live tennis and cricket I feel as they should very capable to deliver on these and if not it would be a big letdown


I hope for a game big enough to hold at least 200+ created teams and hold a player base of at least 10,000 players before it even thinks about crashing.

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Yeah that was a big problem in RC4, especially with the issues around editing licensed players. When you had too many players in the data base it pretty much broke the game on ps4!

Clubs and competitions will be created by the community so there needs to be a lot of extra space available for all the teams, players, logos, kits and stadiums that aren’t added from the start.

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That being said, being able to edit attributes, positions and accessories on licensed players is an absolute must. Their appearance will, I’d imagine, be locked due to licensing issues, but everything else should be editable


This has nothing to do with gameplay but I’m hoping for a licensed music playlist playing in the menus like rugby 08 had.

  1. momentum swings- Just like we’ve seen in this RWC finals, momentum plays a big part in Rugby. So defending/attacking for long periods of time. Ref calls going your way or not.

  2. Good career mode. Coach and player mode. Starting from low level and working your way up. Media briefings. Injuries to deal with during the season. Transfers.

  3. Good gameplay. Simple yet intuitive. Some of the things I didn’t like in Rugby 22 were the mini games in the scrums, rucks and lineouts. I want competition but also quick gameplay.

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I agree with you guys,
Carrer mode, specialy the coach one should be really thoughts well.
Other rugby games, just let you bring a squad and play it for a season or more.
But coach carrer it’s not about the team but on, you guess it, on the coach.
Starting on lower teams then go up AND then go on national teams.

Gameplay wise, stop with the minigames.
I rather do nothing then minigames.
Rugby 08 is the best so far, the lineouts work well and are fun, should be updated but the base is good.
Scrum good, i like that my forward player attribute decides the how it goes and not my skill on click on time or whatever.

For me in this cases, the player status/attributes and other status (fatigue, morale, ect.) should decides the most on lineouts and scrums.

  1. Star players identified on the field with stars above their heads (like Rugby 08) with special attributes/play styles such as

*Deadeye specialist - added accuracy for pinpoint or goal-kicking reducing the chance of charge down or missing a conversion
*Crashball specialist - commits more defenders to tackle, creating numbers on the outside - think Bundee Aki etc.
*Lineout specialist - either hook3r or lock reducing likeliness of crooked throw or being out jumped etc
*Field General - increases the confidence of players around him, reducing the likeliness of knock-ons etc

Plenty more, just a few top of mind that could be added.

  1. Inability to modify players/team attributes specifically for online gameplay, allowing players to do so only creates unfair gameplay.

  2. Overhaul and improvement of game day presentation - cut scenes, crowd interaction throughout the game, it would be great to hear crowd chants such as Swing low Sweet Chariot at Twickenham or the Fields of Athenry at Aviva Stadium (or Zombie, however, understanding copyright/licensing of music would be an issue)

  3. Overall gameplay mechanics, improvement to running (past couple of games players look like they’re skating on the field), passing and kicking.

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License the Springboks and I’ll buy the game. Literally.

I don’t want to be very pessimistic here but you guys are like wanting great things etc… they have limited capabilities, delaying a game after the world cup even though it’s the official game means that there will be potentially a redo of Rugby League, a bit refreshed with all teams updated etc… And that takes time already.

They release all games with delay and games are the same as the previous ones ( I didn’t play cricket ) which to me isn’t a problem. As long as game is fun to play, rest doesn’t matter.

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I mean for me, if it’s a redo of rll4 i’m happy.
That game is solid.

I just want the “Union” part to be great.

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A redo of rll4 but with better passing, seeing as it was almost impossible to draw and pass in that game!

There is nothing to suggest that Rugby (and indeed Tennis) will be anything other than a huge let-down.

I think we need to keep expectations at lowest taking into account ressources. I am confident that BA and Nacon will do a great job but I am not expecting a lot and in the end that’s allright.

Already licensing, adding 130 teams pleayers, jerseys, will already taking lots of ressources. I am a huge Rugby 22 fan . A refresh of Rugby 22 would have been great but that was the job of Eko Software. I only hear lots of positive reviews from Rugby League so that gives me confidence.

Adapting Rugby League to Rugby Union, creating rucks etc… that’s what the 3 months will be about.
EA sports has 10 times more employees and a full year to focus on FIFA. 3 months are usually made to adjust some small stuffs. BA has less than a year and need to allocate limited ressources to other games.


I see nothing to suggest the opposite either.

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So you came onto this forum, and made an account to say that this game isn’t going to be great? Seriously re-evaluate how you spend your time.


Things id like to see

Goose step - a great and fun manoeuvre agile players utilise. It would be so great that you could use a goose stop.to change pace and direction. Easy method would be to start tapping the print button and would initiate a sort of goose step motion. Then as you press and hold sprint again initio the burst in any direction.

I also think that what makes rugby a great sport is the team work. Its a great opprtubity to make cla brilliant co-op sporting game. Players making runs and calls off the ball and able to communicate with team mates would really elevate the gameplay. Beinf able to call for an inside short pass or long pass.

I would love a challenges mode that allows you to unlock classic teams. For example, one of the challenges could be the 2003 world cup final. The match will start in extra time and you have to win the match as England + score a drop goal with Wilkinson. Your reward will be unlocking the 2003 England team. Winning the match as Australia would unlock them too.