Wish list for rugby 24

  1. Must have fun game something we havent seen before

  2. Have awesome cutscenes for example things you see on live match and pre and post game.

  3. Community like in Cricket 22

  4. Building own staduim and kits

  5. Awesome comp like

World cup

Rugby championship

Six nations


Super rugby

Heineken cup

  1. Career mode

Must be realistic as possible . Start at college or University and get up with the ranks. And wil be awesome if you as carreer player can speak to media.

  1. Realistic coach career mode.

Start at college or university and you can be bought by any club or international team


As someone who plays alot of the big ant sports games such as Alf rugby league live tennis and cricket I feel as they should very capable to deliver on these and if not it would be a big letdown

I hope for a game big enough to hold at least 200+ created teams and hold a player base of at least 10,000 players before it even thinks about crashing.

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Yeah that was a big problem in RC4, especially with the issues around editing licensed players. When you had too many players in the data base it pretty much broke the game on ps4!

Clubs and competitions will be created by the community so there needs to be a lot of extra space available for all the teams, players, logos, kits and stadiums that aren’t added from the start.

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That being said, being able to edit attributes, positions and accessories on licensed players is an absolute must. Their appearance will, I’d imagine, be locked due to licensing issues, but everything else should be editable


This has nothing to do with gameplay but I’m hoping for a licensed music playlist playing in the menus like rugby 08 had.