AFL 23 - Megathread

I have to say at this point i am really disappointed. No pro team, management mode is very bare with no office system to talk to players or training of any kind, injuries won’t happen unless you sim matches. Pro team and a deep and complex management mode were promised features. I tried to be patient at launch, i reported bugs and understood game development is difficult especially for an AFL game. But not delivering on promised features and then watching Big Ant continue on with other projects is a slap in the face. I paid $100 for this game and i feel totally ripped off. I wanted to be supportive of this game but it big ant have mismanaged this so poorly and alienated a lot of their fans.


This games done for sure. Seems like they are trying to save their rear end. putting all their efforts into recovery mode for cricket24.

The complete silence that they have given everyone/ this game is appalling. I bought the game on release, was on their side all the way through all the garbage, now I’m fed up. For the game to still not have all the features promised on release and probably won’t come at all it’s just pathetic


Yeah I was with them all the way until they merged the patches to both platforms and went radio silent. Got blocked on twitter for speaking critically.


Sorry but this game is a complete waste of money. I have never seen anything like this. Absolute silence from Big Ant and it’s a joke that we are even in this position in the first place. Where are the updates? Why did we pay $100 for an unfinished game? Appalling.


So many terrific suggestions on here re pretty obvious fixes & improvements, all for nothing when you look at what actually ends up featuring in the patch updates (whenever we’re lucky enough to get them, that is).

I’ll buy AFL24 whenever it comes out because I’m a sucker for the sport (and surely it has to be better than this) but there’s no way I’d ever consider buying any other game made from BigAnt.


Yeah I didn’t buy cricket 24 because of how shambolic the afl game is. Massive bummer.


Hi @JNT_BA I know there are a lot of messages and also some heated comments on the forum.

I believe speaking from myself as previous buyer of the game and passionate AFL supporter, along with the other previous and possible future buyers of the game all we would want is a ball-park roadmap of what sort of things we can expect to be introduced both to fix current issues as well as some proposed ideas for further enhancing the game play experience as well as the management mode experience.

As we all know there are a lot of improvements are needed for the management mode and game play experience, we know its not a sprint to get there, but it would be great just to be told there is some light at the end of the tunnel.


They already made this mistake and didn’t deliver so I doubt they will be doing any other roadmaps. Just something that may be in the next patch or and est release date. Anything


‘Not a sprint to get there’ yep no kidding lol


I’m not sure if BA is serious.

Games been out for what, 7 months now?
The complete feature list isn’t even in the game and now they are just ignoring all communication on their own forum, and won’t provide any timelines.

Great work team, great work. :clap:t2:


Lets all face it the 100 bucks laid out from all of us equates to a go fund me page for building the next version.

I’ve put a hold on playing again until the next update.


I wonder how many people are going to take a wait and see approach before they buy the next game ?
I’m certainly staying away from all games BigAnt are involved in from now on until I see that they’ve fixed it as it’ll inevitably come out in a broken state


Don’t think I will be playing this game until another proper update comes through… which at this point will never happen as it seems BigAnt have forgotten about the game altogether.


May as well just close this forum down. Absolutely no communication, go over to the cricket forum, plenty of comms and updates coming through over there. This games dead and on the back burner hoping that everyone just gives up waiting for any updates


Fingers crossed once things calm a bit with Cricket, we hear a bit/something over here. They always said they had multiple teams covering these games, but by the sounds of it and looks of that other thread, the release of Cricket didn’t go anywhere near as planned and they’ve probably dragged resources for the first few weeks to get it up to scratch - exact carbon copy of what happened with AFL23’s release. JNT is probably copping 1000 DM’s a day from cricket fans having a melt too.

Don’t think they’d can the game now though- all the money they’ve spent and the AFL has spent on Pro Team won’t just see it never get released. For all we know, the AFL are the ones who’ve said “season is over, wait until pre season next year so we can go full swing”. It would be a travesty if we are charged for that next year but I don’t see that happening - if they put a charge to get it added in, they’ll be pushing away a sizeable majority of the players. Nobody is going to pay for Pro Team which was promised at release, and then sink more money into the microtransactions etc. Either way though, JNT isn’t allowed to speak those things - that’d be Ross if he isn’t locked under an NDA, and he’d be in full damage control mode right now with Cricket.

I honestly think you’re right though and its going to be dead for a while - we probably won’t see anything significant until early next year after they’ve got their 2 international games up and running (Cricket and Rugby). Even though everyone is fired up, it’s still good to see people posting in here. That keeps BA on their toes and aware that the game still requires work and still has a passionate group of people wanting it to improve.


Don’t put your house on it :slight_smile:
this game is dead till next year


I’m back it’s been awhile (a month and a half) any new news about AFL23?

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there is no way ai shots have been adjusted man they don’t miss

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@JNT_BA any news on updates?


you might as well check the steam page:

keep tabs and see if a update may be coming

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