AFL 23 - Megathread

They didn’t even bother to update the AFLW 2023 squads. So much for equal representation and being a W sponsor.


Happy new year all! Hope you all had your fair share of milo over the chrissie break.

With only 48 days left until the pre-season matches kick off, will we be expecting the update/patch sooner rather than later? Or is it going to be wait until the pre-season supplemental period ends on Feb 19 to hear any news?


I wouldn’t expect anything more than a squad update and another year of the same broken gameplay and nil communication. I’ll be requesting refunds weekly.


@JNT_BA can fans expect a patch update sometime soon?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah, To be honest myself. I don’t have much confidence in any of the updates for AFL 23 that will come this season.

In fact, The less than stellar launches of Cricket 24 and TieBreak along with the delays in Rugby 24 makes me think things are in trouble here. To have one game come out with major issues is one, To have two come out with major issues is concerning, To have three come out with major issues is a trend and a pretty bad one to have.

I’m starting to honestly think that there are some serious issues going on behind the scenes at Big Ant right now and they’re not exactly inspiring my confidence right now. I’d love for them to prove me wrong but I’ve got a pretty good feeling they will not I’m afraid.

Shame to see them fall so far down after their promising titles with AFL Live, Don Bradman Cricket and Rugby League Live 3.


Uh oh getting closer to the start of the year with no info on updates.

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I know right … clubs back training, it’s a new year, preseason right around the corner and absolute silence.

SURELY we can have some sort of update … ANYONE or ANYTHING to tell us ?


Nah, we shouldn’t be expecting info until pre season games at the absolute earliest. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect info at the end of January

Yep, agreed. Preseason games aren’t for a good couple of weeks.

Unfortunately don’t think final list lodgements are until February 19 either, so they’re unlikely to do the lists until they’re 100% locked in. Not sure when or if SANFL/VFL/WAFL have a set list lodgement date either so they may be causing some dramas - I recall initially when they were trying to add the state league players in some of the clubs were dragging their feet and holding it up.

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I assume there would be some shake down as a result of AFL list finalisation in SANFL/VFL/WAFL.

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I mean I’m just waiting for manchild Will Gould to head back into the SANFL and savagely own people.

So I’m hoping that we hear something about the 2024 Update soon? Ideally in about a week with preseason starting up but could be more likely in 3-4 weeks with the actual season kicking off. If anyone knows anything (very unlikely) then I’d be stoked but not holding my breath. Actually excited to see what happens, hoping for the best because at the end of the day I just want an AFL game that everyone can get around and enjoy. A new year could mean a fresh start for the game to get it back on the right track. One can only hope!


For a footy fanatic and being impatient for the update, is there anyway to change licensed players jumper numbers so I can update them for this season. Want to get those match sims underway in prep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not to my knowledge.
Not long until the season starts. I’m already making banners.


this is getting beyond a joke, the afl preseason games start tomorrow and no new news, this chat is dead and big ant said once lists are finalised they are putting out a update so if nothing happens in the next week or two im loosing all my hope.

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p.s. (im a very impatient footy fan)

I personally think that it is a great opportunity for Big Ant to earn back some trust and respect with updates that have been mentioned to death in this chat so I won’t go over what has already been said content wise but what I will say is that it is a fresh season, a fresh opportunity to right the wrongs of last year so I really do hope we hear something, ANYTHING soon because the clock is ticking with the match sims beginning tomorrow.

I still (maybe foolishly) have hope for the game but I think I speak for most people when I say that we just want a fun AFL video game experience, but we are losing patience and hope and deserve an update on plans for the near future especially the people who have actually spend the hundred bucks on the game. Not saying we demand to know everything that’s going on behind the scenes with the game but honestly just some brief communication would go a long way in my opinion, I’d even take something like “We are working on the 2024 update/s and plan to bring them to you (insert vague timeline here).”

No clue if anyone is checking here but I’m just gonna tag @JNT_BA since it is probably my best chance. I would like to think that we would all greatly appreciate any possible info or reply, at least I 100% would.


The only thing beyond a joke is what you have just said. It is very unreasonable to expect an update before the very preseason even begins. Beyond a joke would be mid March and still no updates.

Ah, the youth of today and their sensationalist language…

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