AFL 23 - Megathread

read the other thing I wrote, as I said I am very impatient :joy:

exactly why I wrote what I wrote

Oh well. Sounds like fun champ.
I dare say you’ll grow some patience if you want to enjoy this game :wink:

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Great post, I agree.

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Agree with the sentiment. Not sure you’ll have much luck getting a timeframe though :wink:

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Surely the way they have gone about this is bordering on illegal. Release a game with absolutely broken gameplay, and now radio silence for months. The gameplay is still broken. I don’t care about squad updates when the gameplay is still a mess.

People here are really prioritising a squad update when handball recieves are still broken.


steamdb has had a few Changelist recently - looking like a update around march is my guess

The last post from anyone at BA was this vague one from back in Nov lol

Final list lodgements are done, praccy games are underway… any updates yet for fans @JNT_BA ??

Appreciate that you’d still need to get face scans for all the new players, but any update re new features & improvements to expect would really help keep people engaged with the game & excited for what’s to come.


The final lists for some teams were finalised like last week so hopefully we get an update soon @JNT_BA @RossSymons


See you say that but…


And then…

So silly question may have been answered apologies to all if it has as im new on here will there be an update to afl 23 for this year or a whole new game? TIA


news yet, but I reckon update more likely than new game.


I don’t know if anyone else has gotten it but I just scored a goal with a player and he did the Charlie Cameron celebration, I thought it isn’t in the game or is it just really rare.

The changelist updates have been auto logged by Steam for review % changing and tags being hidden by steam to reduce clutter. They haven’t touched anything since 8th December and even that might’ve been Steam.

Much appreciated thank you

We finally get a slight update for AFL 23.


Question is: When I wonder ?


hopefully in the next week or two

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