AFL 23 - Megathread

I’m gonna sound like a broken record, but hopefully the image usage issue will be fix for Guernseys before the patch…


Something I’ve always wanted to see on a tv broadcast is a small overlay under the scoreboard of the players numbers who are currently on the bench.

They do have a seperate scoreboard at the footy which was a great introduction to watch live games.

Would be good to something like this implemented especially when the bench system has been rectified.

What do people think ?


Does anyone have anything in their Hall Of Fame? Mines still bare cause I haven’t won anything but interested to see if it’s working properly.

does anyone know how to get rid of the names being censored when downloading teams?

nope. It is a game bug which has been identified and no resolution date has been given.

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I hope just for gameplay to continue getting better I think it’s great big ant haven’t rushed and released a patch and waiting for that date so they aren’t rushing that’s a good start hopefully they change the difficulty also it’s a little easy right now


Anyway we can get a real free agency period in management mode its too easy to sign players and it doesn’t really feel like your competing with anyone else to sign players, and a trade finder or trade block so you can place people up for trades and the Ai offers you trades. Also players who are unhappy can request a trade or don’t accept their contract if you offer them one. At the moment it is way to easy and has no real structure to the off-season.

Of all the marketing stuff ups Big Ant never learn from, naming this game after 2023 when the game won’t sorta kinda maybe be “finished” until 2024 has to be right up there.

Any word on whether management mode will be fixed in any of the upcoming patches?

Silly me, that would require communication.



I have four suggestions/questions for season mode:

  1. Can injuries and suspensions be added to season mode? As there is no form line, some forced changes would be good.

  2. Fatigue bars added to the team interchange screen.

  3. Make previous round the default lineup. I like playing a season as every team but it can get a bit tedious having to make the same changes every round. (Also there is a glitch in academy when changing default lineups, so you can’t currently do this before starting a season mode.)

  4. Season leaderboards: would be good to change average goals to total goals because this is what matters for the Coleman medal. Also Brownlow votes leaderboard would be cool like in AFL LIVE 2004 Premiership Edition.


Is it me? but ive had to drop down to Medium , what Tactics do ppl use?

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For the next patch can we get more features on mangement mode please


That would be awesome! NOT holding my breath though sadly

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I remember when afl evo 2 had so many features in mangement mode

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I cant mark anymore lol

I’m hoping for the following things to be added in April 23’s patch.

. ALL Stadiums available to be played at during online games, currently only thr main stadiums are available.

. Field kicking to be toned down (ball hangs too long) and ball goes way to far when kicking.

. End of Quarter intervals plus player disposals and key player stats shown in one screen online.



Custom teams also available to be used online

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Greetings BA,

First, well done on the patch. A few weeks in and it’s holding up just fine in terms of being fun to play. Of course I could reel off a few things that would be great to improve but with the patch around the corner I’ll leave it to just one thing because it’s easy…

Could you please puhlease reinstate saving the team line up between games on season mode. You gave it to us for a minute last year and then it was patched out again. Hopefully it’s just turning it back on again. Thanks.


Yes sorry triangle not circle. You had said circle in your previous post so I ran with it.

I finally pulled the game up again for the first time since and it happened again. I can tell you it is not a timing/skill issue but rather a bug. I’ve played enough of this and other afl games to know.

I took a video but can’t post here. Didn’t even finish a quarter and turned it off. No point playing a game you can’t tackle in. Seems like some others have had a similar issue but sounds like it doesn’t happen to everyone

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Ah yep, my bad.

Yeah I have barely seen issues with it. Maybe a few times it feels like my player delays the tackle, but after a while I can sort of tell which scenarios I can/should tackle in, and others when I should smother in.

For the times it happens poorly, the devs would be able to look closer if you can record video of it and send it through a support ticket. Maybe it’s something they could tweak.

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Ooooh, we have an update - hoorah.
Looking forward to having a go this arvo.