AFL 23 - Megathread

Means little to nothing that its come a long way, as it should not of been launched in the state it was.

@JNT_BA It has happened since release, I haven’t put a ticket in because I didn’t have evidence of it considering I’m on PS5. Kind of just put up with it but thought I’d bring it up.

Also noticed a few games of frame drops down towards the goals on the end camera.

I have adjusted the game sliders through playing about 20 play now games over the last 3 days. Tweaked sliders between games. Got it how I want it so I start a new season mode… and the game sliders play different all together in season mode🤦

This game is a messy web, too tangled to untangle. Yet they want to throw Proteams on top. It might as well be Proteam exclusively.

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That’s just old players that are over their peak and their stats have dropped. Why they aren’t disappearing from the game at a certain age I don’t know - they should be removed at 40 or something. Some will disappear entirely and some are there forever. Basically don’t bother drafting anyone over 27 unless you want a fast drop off - I guess a player wouldn’t be in the draft in real life if they were the quality of an 80+ OVR player anyway. The 17-18 year olds will average anywhere from 40s to a few in the 70s if you’re lucky - most average in the 50s to mid 60s which is probably right before they start developing.

Hey @JNT_BA will gameplay updates be added to the proteam update? Will we see a trailer or anything before release?

Pro Team’s trailer was the launch trailer over 12 months ago wasn’t it?

If I remember correctly it was mentioned ages ago … that closer to ‘Proteam’ there would be another trailer for the hype of it … maybe something this weekend being Sir Doug Nicolls Round? (legends?)

There were a lot of things promised ages ago in roadmaps and so forth that have been swept under the rug and ignored whenever they’re brought up.

What was in the latest update that came out late last night this morning?

Was just some “Stability Improvements” based on some of the error reports that were being sent through via the console’s reporting methods.

One had to do with an issue in the Ruck some people were getting.


so just in the ruck contests thats it>

There were some other very small ones but that was a majority of the reports.

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I assume that patch out of no where, as it wasn’t on the ‘roadmap’ … Proteam still on schedule? @JNT_BA

will the censored issue be fixed in the next patch

Was the ruck patch released on Xbox? I haven’t seen any updates (will check again later today).

OK I think something came through. Turned on my Xbox and a Rainbow Six update started downloading, came back later and it seems an AFL 23 update had also downloaded, but I missed it starting.

Over time I’ve seen a few people confused about the marking contests, so I put together a video explaining how I understand marking contests work in the game.
Happy to hear feedback and get people’s thoughts on it.

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When is ‘Proteam’ actually meant to be out? It’s May sometime yeah? :slight_smile:

The roadmap says May 28.

That is pretty much all the info we’ve got right now but so far the 2024 roadmap has been going well.

No matter what it will be the most intriguing update that we will probably ever get for AFL 23.

Personally I am excited but not getting too ahead of myself considering that we have not received any info apart from a few card images 12 months ago.

Not long to go now, even if we don’t get any info or a look at the mode before release.

11 Days!

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You would think something such as ‘Proteam’ would have least a teaser/trailer or even some more/updated photos prior to release ??

I would’ve thought this weekend would’ve been a good idea being Indigenous Round (legends??) …

I guess we just gotta wait and see what happens in ‘11 days’ :slight_smile:

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