AFL 23 - Megathread

Every time I think things have hit rock bottom here, They just seem to get worse and worse…

This game probably should never have started development. It’s been a mess since day one and continues to be a mess long after it’s come out.

If I was the AFL, I’d probably be regretting giving the license to Big Ant… Long delays of things promoted since before release and a lack of communication that makes the community pull their hair out with how hard it is just to get a clue one what is going on…

Not a good look in the slightest.

Safe to say my confidence in Big Ant’s ability to create a top-notch AFL game is gone at this point. An absolute shame as I was really hyped up for this game after what they did with AFL Live back on the PS3 and Xbox 360 but that Big Ant and the current Big Ant feel like two completely different companies IMO.


Ngl I’m praying that with pro team, they’ve changed the music across the game to proper music that’s not on a constant loop. Current soundtrack is pathetic.

But also knowing that big ant doesn’t take feedback well. It’s not happening.

Oh that I can answer and it’s no, we will not be updating the songs. Each game sure we do different music, with a patch no unless there turns out to be some issue with a song.

That’s a whole other process. Which would add even more time on to this.


@JNT_BA Has anyone there noticed an issue with positions recently? I’ve got 2 KDEF in my team and one has been moved to HBF mid game…meaning it has put a midfielder at FB

@JNT_BA quick question which you may or may not be able to answer and I truly understand if you can’t. Could we maybe get another video of a breakdown of the different modes in Proteam that we seen in the last video? To build up the hype :slight_smile:

Can you tell us if there’s any gameplay changes with the pro team patch?

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If there was any news or updates about ProTeam it will be on their X account and not here as @JNT_BA has stated many times.


The music doesn’t bother me that much.
There’s settings in the menus to enable/disable particular songs. You can disable them all, or turn the music volume down if they’re getting on your nerves too much.
On PS5/PS4 (and maybe XBox?) you can have your own Spotify playing in the background too.


Looks like PAFC are bringing back the 1997 jumper design on this Friday. I’m super hyped :grin::muscle:


It’s either that or 20th year premiership guernsey because their FB reel has 2004 commentary! Either way being a port Adelaide fan hyped also :heart_eyes:


I super hyped too. I prefer our original power kits over the horrendous V designs. Who knows maybe the light bolt logo will make a permanent comeback.

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Where did you hear this?

I originally saw it on the Port Facebook page :slight_smile:

ok thank you for that

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@JNT_BA surely we can get a content drop now, a video, some screenshots anything.
As its been over a month since the update has been sent through, which is quite lenghty even from a platform holders perspective. Even just confirmation of where its all up to? Has it been denied and its back to the drawing board? Is it still waiting them to even look at it?
Not having a go at you, its just you are our only hope of communication. Save us obi-wan.

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Seen it on YouTube, X and Instagram and I instantly knew it. I did suspect we’d see the return of the teal.

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Played 100s of AFL play now games, yesterday made the switch to a game of AFLW, I saw a goal animation of them throwing grass into the air…I wonder if there are different animations in that game mode compared to the men’s :thinking:

Also side note Jason Bennet commentary is so much better to listen too.


Yeah I absolutely love the commentary in the AFLW games.

There actually are different animations for AFLW. We had an AFLW player get mocap done. They are a friend of the Studio and they even have some special animations set specifically for them.


any new news about pro team release

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