Any news ?for the game

so being able to see is news for rugby 24

You’ll have to wait and see :wink:

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You heard it here first!

You need to chill before news

well we have waited a very long time for some news

And we will wait long Time haha

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Indeed. Buit we also had to wait a long time for Southland to win the Ranfurly Shield. But it happened.


up the stags babayyyy


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Well tomorrow will be two weeks after the second delay announcement.

Could we see something tomorrow you think?

Or will it be saved for March until we actually start seeing anything? :sweat_smile:

Taking bets.

We wont see a thing until a couple of days before release a la tiebreak


doubt we even get early access in march


Why would there be early access? I think there will just be Access…


Is it confirmed that R24 will have all possibilities of customisation ?

I think it is just assumed, I can’t remember any actual confirmations as such around what type of customisation was in the game.


Depends what you mean by customisations? All conjecture at this stage but do you mean customisations of tactics or team rosters or creation of jerseys, logos etc.


Boy they really love taking us rugby fans on a journey…………… down the road to nowhere.

It’s been 4 weeks since the last delay statement and there’s still no news about the game or the early access release content. Maybe they should have said they’ll get back to us in a couple months rather than the coming weeks as that makes it sound much closer than it really is.

Also it appears Ross hasn’t been travelling to world collecting player faces for the game. Now I know there’s a team of people that would likely be doing that together it’s just Ross had been pretty open and transparent with sharing images of him travelling the world capturing player likeness for cricket 24 so I thought a similar thing might happen with rugby 24. I just hope theres others out there actually doing the job.

1 Positive to end on. It’s almost March which means maybe in the next 4 or 5 weeks we’ll be drip feed some new information. It’s the month they we’re targeting for early access release but with the lack of updates and a history of missing their targets I expect early access to be delayed as well.

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I think it will be closer to the end of March that we get early access. Hopefully some small bits of news a few weeks before I expect. They only say that they ‘hope’ to have enough content by March so no guarantees. Either way at least we definitely know we should have the game in our hands soon.

Agree, wouldn’t bother checking for anything until the last week of March (Mid at best). There is a clear pattern here of pushing everything to the last minute and they still have a lot going on.

I think there will be quite a lot in this early access though so should be worth it.

Edit: Always happy to be wrong about timing though ha ha

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Good news : Nacon will host their Nacon Connect on the 29/02 to show latest updates regarding 2024 games.

It will be live on Youtube.

I cannot even dare to imagine how I would feel if I had the same trailer that was shown last year.