Any news ?for the game

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I want shin guards included. Absolute necessity for an authentic rugby experience. Must be licensed (It is okay to delay release until the proper contracts are negotiated.) only Canterbury branding is acceptable. Don’t show me any of that Kookaburra nonsense.

People will not buy this game if these are not included #RealFacts.

So in short … if you want commercial success … Shin Guards.

Edit: These are best used with GripSocks

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All over europe from nz.

Happy travels, sir. Make sure you put it back how you found it when you leave.

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Mid or South Canterbury?

Check out my new video which includes a shout out to the grip sock supporters :rofl:

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Would love to see all the previous world cup winning teams, plus other historic teams like Baa Baas 1973, British Lions teams etc in game. I realise they will be able to be created with the editor but would be even better if Big Ant can do them

Nice if their is Ultimate team like in fifa

And realistic player and coach carreer mode

Someone shared this in the Discord, Fake Ross is here again in the place

I reckon this one was funny

Part 1

Part 2 of the fake


Fake news, they didnt mention the grip socks

It would be great if someone could add in some of the great Welsh players from back in the day, like Gareth Edwards, Barry John, Phil Bennett, JPR Williams, Gerald Davies, and others from that golden era.

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130 nations they said, if the game comes out and i see that every single one of those low nations in rugby were scanned i’ll be fuming that’ll mean one of the reasons its been delayed this whole time is they needed to travel to madagascar to scan the national team.

Are we talking geography? Because if we are, there is a North also.

nah bro, I’m talking Rugby Provinces. We are talking Rugby after all :wink:

I dunno, I was just talking nonsense to amuse myself as usual :sweat_smile:

But in that case. Mid all day. They may not win any championships, but … well I don’t really have anything good to counter that.

Worked in a sports bar there once. Had the rugby channel on all day. Good times.

Some dudes on the forum found a discord and a X profile for Rugby 2K25 and I start to be worried for you if this one is true… Big Ant, any news on your game? If a 2025 game is planned by an other editor maybe you should rename it Rugby 2025 ? Cheers

I am sorry but the idea of this is almost laughable :skull:

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Someone has just created that for youtube clicks :joy:

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I’m impressed they paid for a blue tick :joy: