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Is there a chance we could get a setting to adjust the boundary length for women’s games? I’m really enjoying playing career with the only annoyance being the really short boundaries that basically make it really rare to run two let alone three.

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I agree with you brother. @JNT_BA @RossSymons the boundaries in Women’s Cricket in game are too small. They don’t even seem to be 50 metres. The standard
As soon as the ball clears the 25 yard inner circle the distance from the inner circle to the boundary line does not even seem to be 25 yards.
In women’s cricket, the boundaries must be between 55 and 70 yards (50.29 and 64.01 m) from the pitch as per the icc pdf of playing rules

Which to be fair is realistic…in general, the boundary ropes are in much closer in the women’s game and you don’t often see very many 2-3s run anyway. Usually either singles or boundaries.

@Tstannard bro he’s talking about the game. The boundary ropes are not according to the ICC playing rules. You don’t see 3s often but you get to see doubles. But the problem is not with 2s and 3s but with the boundary rope being too short

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I know it’s realistic, that’s why I was hoping for a setting option to adjust it if wanted. So if someone wished for the regular boundaries that’s by default but if the wanted it to be the same length at the mens or somewhere in between they can change it.

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Hey lads what’s the update about the next patch

Hi, I am playing the game on PS4 with the arcade controls and when batting i will go for a forward defensive and the bat will go towards mid wicket in a glitch and I will be bowled. Is this something other people are experiencing. It is completely ruining the game for me. Could someone please tell me if it is just me or whether it is being fixed

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I see the same issue. playing back foot defence works in such cases but yeah, its annoying

I think the games is evolving by itself seriously

Definitely experiencing the sam especially against spin. The off spinner will bowl outside off turning back in to the stumps and the batter will defend towards mid wicket. its super frustrating

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Hi Guys

I haven’t posted in a while, I thought it best to give the game a gap with all the updates and patches and I have been playing it as is for a while. Firstly I would like to congratulate the team at big ant for awesome licensed players they look amazing so great job on that. As a player of the series of cricket games by big ant I would like to raise my opinion on a few improvements that will make the game better for me as a whole and more enjoyable. Im sure not everyone will agree but its just my opinion.

  1. Even though the licensed players look awesome, there still needs to be some level of customisation allowed for the accuracy of the real life versions of the players. Firstly my greatest issue with the licensed players are the basketball type shoes they have. It’s really deterring playing with Licensed players that look like they just walked out to bat in a village game with black and red shoes. If you won’t allow us to customise their shoes at least make them all white. Secondly if we can customise the bats surely we can customise pads and gloves, armguards as well. As an example Josh Inglis looks like he is batting with his mothers tiny garden gloves its really off-putting. Then there are minor things like Steve smith bats with an armguard which is not in the game, if I recall correctly neither does Travis Head. Thirdly, The licensed bats are awesome but surely you should have a choice of what colour grip you want on your bat just like in real life.

  2. I don’t know if this is still in the pipeline but some new batting styles would be a great addition to the game. I love playing test matches and especially in long innings it does become a bit boring with the same batting styles we have pretty much had since cricket 19. Just as an idea for future it would be pretty cool if you can design your own batting style. For instance I love the on drive of style 2 and the leg side play and initial stance of style 6 with the hook and pull of styles 1 - 5. The off drive of style 7 is very cool. So in essence what I mean is build your own batting style by combing some of the best attributes of whichever style you like for a specific shot so your player is completely batting as for the specific input that you chose in customisation. There are good and bad things about every style and I find myself switching between different styles all the time until I’ve had enough and then try a different style for a while. This leans towards me trying to target different areas depending on what batting style I’m using and what shot types I like in that style and this becomes a drag after a while. If you had your player playing all the shots that you like it would be awesome.

That’s pretty much what I can say from my side but all in all I love all the strides the game is making towards a realistic experience for all of us and some of the things might seem minor but it would be amazing to have these things to enhance the game to a more enjoyable experience than it already is.

Thanks for the forum and letting us raise our thoughts and opinions on your creations.