Cricket 24 - Megathread

@JNT_BA @RossSymons The Super Over Rules should be updated in Cricket 24
The Match is awarded to the team hitting most boundaries/losing less wickets if the Super Over gets tied in the game. The rules have changed. If Super Over gets tied then the Super Overs should be continued until there is a proper match result. This is missing in the game Cricket 24. The laws of Tied Super Over should be updated as per the updated rules of the Cricket.

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Playing on PS4, the pitch marker is not showing up until after the bowler has bowled irrespective of what I put ball marker display time on? Any ideas to help?

no its the new feature!!! DAMMIT

Hi guys, can we increase the number of teams in the custom tournament to 35, the total number of international teams available in the game. Or at least 32 so that we can have a good knockout system? Thanks

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Hi guys

I’d love to see the two missing IPL teams added of course but I’d also love to see the SA20 added if possible and maybe also one or two more international teams

If it is even paid dlc I’d be up for paying small amount to see more content added

I’d also like to see some more post game cutscenes of the players celebrating or looking dejected after a win or loss

Does anyone know if the switch version gets updates?

The steam version doesnt even get updates. I feel sorry for switch players.

@JNT_BA when will next update release any new features ?

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Please Add option for Wicket keeping close to the stumps for medium fast bowlers (for example keepers used to come close to the wicket like doing keeping for spinners, like it was done for some of the bowlers: nathan bracken, stuart clark, jacob oram, jesse ryder, darryl mitchel)
Currently there is wicketkeeper postion: Up for them in the game but that does nothing but only bring them 2 steps forward than their usual position.

@JNT_BA @RossSymons
and better stumping reaction time from the keeper in semi assisted fielding. More Often than not the keeper pauses when the batsmen advances down the pitch and miss the ball. They do stumping only after the batsman is in with very robotic swift movement.


Sorry if any of this had already been posted, but the 489 post-long thread makes it hard to see what is logged and what is not. Maybe that’s a first improvement initiative : a “on our to do list/your wishlist” (regardless of whether time is funds allow)

New player who just got it on ps5. I have to start with a lot of positives all around, especially because cricket has been fairly tricky to do well over the decades.

Jimmy Anderson bowls like Jimmy Anderson. The inclusion of 5-8 boring and batting styles, is a subtle feature that I adore. Well executed and with class. Good immersion.

Most grounds look great, some arguably with too much detail. They could be blurred a bit.

The camera angle is unique, I enjoy it far more than other titles where I’m looking at the front of the batsmen. It works really well when I hit it behind point and the action camera follows it whilst I use the wicket running graphic - but it doesn’t do this any other time in front of the wicket. I hit a glorious lofted drive and just have to watch the ball and Fielder as dots track away from me. I think that could be a not too difficult coding change to the camera handler.

The commentary seems largely fine, other than the primary commentator is usually wrong, but then the co-comms are right! “Straight to the man at mid on… Glorious shot for 4!!!”. Not sure if just maybe a mild delay timer is added to the primary Comms line selector?

But I have to say I do have 3 major gripes that seem like lazy/bad coding that pull me out of the game, and I don’t think they’re hard to fix either:

  1. sorry, but why do 80% of fielders throws hit the stumps? From anywhere? They also take no time to gather the ball most of the time so the ball touches the fielder and boom! It’s out of their hand and straight onto the stumps - what should have been a risky single that was going to be tight, ends up with me being run out less than halfway down the pitch after hitting it to the edge of the inner circle.

  2. about 1/3 of my on drives hit the other battery, and the ball just stops dead next to the bowler who then runs you out. Either shrink the collision box on the other batter change something about that please because it simply doesn’t happen very often in the real life…

  3. The bowler is some magic lightning fast fielder and this needs fixing. They simultaneously are as above capable of collecting the ball that hits the non striker and running them out, but apparently equally capable of running forward and taking a little mistimed pop-up that is only 6ft off the ground, 2m away from the batter? So the bowler has moved about 17y in 1 second (if you have them 3-5y of follow through before the ball hits the bat, which is generous.

These to me as a former coder, seem like reasonably simple routine/environment variable settings

Hey guys, Haven’t posted in a whiile. Mainly because I haven’t played in a while. However with the T20 World Cup fever in the air, especially in the Caribbean where I’m from, I decided I’d play my version of the T20 World Cup - Super 8’s. And if you guys been following my post, you know I’m a huge fan of this franchise and really want it to go to the next level. However, I must say, with the game being released for close to nine months now. The fielding has either regressed or because I’m now playing T20’s and not test matches like before, I’m noticing it more.

And i’ll dangle an olive branch here and say I dont know if downloading created content messes with the coding. But i’ve never seen fielding this bad in Cricket 24.

  1. Fielders in the ring, side step towards the ball and it rolls pass them.
  2. The same thing happens on the boundaries.
  3. Fielders are runing in and the ball is going beyond them for 4 on the boundary
  4. The fielding animations for alot of the semi-assisted boundary catches are very ungainly and unrealistic.
  5. The amount of bubbled up fielding is unacceptable at this stage. Especially for balls going straight to fielders in the ring.
  6. Keepers take way too long to stump batters.
  7. there is an outstretched dive that slip fielders take one handed, it looks like they’ve covered 20 metres or so - unrealistic.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more fielding issues. Look I genuinely love this game and believe that it’s potential is unmatched. but the fielding needs to be on par with the improvements of the batting and bowling in the game. It’s too critical to the gameplay and overall joy you get from trying to lock horns in battle. So I hope that work is being done to have some type of major overhaul of the fielding in this game.

Oh and the recovery time for misfields - Way too slow. I think it would be more acceptable if misfields were happening, but the fielder rushed to recover to ball. but in the absence of that recovery time, it comes over as a huge glitch.

Hi, The Issue with the “If player quits then whoever is more dominant” is that any player can quit at any time when they are dominant, which makes it unfair. A better suggestion is that the player who quits, loses, even if they need one run off ten deliveries with 10 wickets in hand. This way, there is no incentive to quitting.

When is the patch for cricket24 that is gameplay orientated coming