Request to add Name/Pronunciation to Cricket 24 Game

Here to make a formal request to see if it is possible to add a name/pronunciation to the Cricket 24 game.

I’ll pass that along to the audio team so they can check if it’s possible to add any more for this release!


My name as well " Shahzaib " and " Sherry ".

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Maybe if possible add my name too pls :smiley:
“Shanmukha” :sweat_smile::handshake:

Hello, big fan and supporter since DBC 14. Request to add my name SOLOMON ABRAHAM in the game

my name is Aryaman would love to have this name added

Kindly add these two if possible

Saad pronounce as SA’AD

Musaddiq pronounce as Moosaddick

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My name is Hari

Got to sound like ‘Hurry’

My name is Soham. if possible i request add it.

Please add my 2 sons name
Its a humble request from a father

Abdul Hadi Khan pronounced as Abdul Haadi Khan not as Abdul Hedi Khan

Anas Khan pronounced as AAnas khan
Not as enus Khan

please add my name " vivek Jadhav " in commentry pronouncation. i’m big and will be happy.

Hey JNT! Durkin please, pronounced as it looks

My name is Rahim, Rami would work also

let’s Imagine if we can have AI based in game generation of name pronunciation ( commentary ) like some TTS so everyone can have that name typed in game :wink:


Please add Ahmed and Ameen if it’s not already there

@JNT_BA Does these names mentioned / pronounced here are taken into consideration by the Audio team and implemented ??

If possible could my name be added in as well. “Adrian” and “Malhiers” which is pronounced as Mal-he-ers. Thank you.

While I won’t make any promises that they will be included. I can promise they are passed onto the commentary team to see what can be done.

Please add Praveen Nair, there are many Indians with this name including cricketers

Let me see if this thread is seen by the Audio team.

If possible kindly include the following names
Ashok, Pronounced as “Ash - oak”
Kumar Pronounced as “Ku-mar”
Ashy Pronounced as “Ash-e”

Other suggestions are
Ash, Ace, Mac