Tiebreak EA - Megathread

I tried this last update and it was really fun!

This are My suggestions:

_ I couldnt do the Volley tutorial because the hit is always like a dropshot. Can’t make the ball goes to the bottom of the court. (Maybe i don’t know how to do it but is not explained though)

_ Defensive and reflex shots ruins the rally pace and make them too slow and repetitive.
They are like short lobs and the IA sometimes doesnt know how to play on that situations.
Maybe give more variety on those kind of shots and make them going deeper more often instead of being short shots.

_ The Slice is useless because its always a short shot that makes the IA comes to the net.
Maybe bringing two different kind of Slice (Defensive and offensive)

_ IA need some more organic unforced errors. Majority of them are when the IA is on the net.

_ Gameplay should Focus in the rallies From the bottom of the court (unless You are playing against a Volleyer player). The IA tends to go to the net too often maybe because of the second point I mentioned

_ The reactions (Good and bads) sometimes doesnt show anything. The player just walk.
And regarding this topic I would like to see more realistic reactions (a simple fist celebration would do) instead of unrealistic and frantic celebrations and more Unique reaction (Nadal fist bump, Djokovic touching his head with his finger e.g)

Another cool adittion in this topic would be mix the player’s celebrations/reaction with the broadcast cinematics. That would give a better flow to the transitions.
For example, the player throws his racket (You Start seeing that with the broadcast tv) and then it change to a closer caption.

_ Make the Game as broadcast tv as possible. This is related with the previous point. You are doing a good job in this topic so far but the replays should show better camera angles, more stadistics during matches, and some other cinematics.
Please take full advantage of your licenses.

I don’t want to make it longer but as well as i mentioned some things to improve I would like to cheers You guys up for the great job You are doing. The gameplay feels realistic, with a good ball speed and it is quite challenging.

Hope You find this suggestions useful.


It is not something currently being worked on as with our previous titles this wasn’t included either. I’ll certainly pass on the suggestion to the dev team. The issue with something like this is that it actually will take significant time away from the gameplay work.


An update for the gameplay.

The reflex/Defensive shot happens too often, Even when the ball is not so close to me. I found myself struggling trying to get a good position and aiming because this kind of shots are too Defensive.
I think the activation should be later than it is right now.

In the middle of a good rally the pace gets ruined because this ball is slow and like a lob

in adittion, The ball always goes near the net.
I would like something like a control shot or if You want to keep the reflex shot, at least with some other animations (standard fh or bh maybe maintaining the high of the shot but not always a short shot) instead of just blocking the ball.



After playing the latest early access patch, my feedback.

  • No ability to make running shots. Shot type is always a defensive block shot that is lobbed over to the oppoents side that they get to crush. Running shots (slice, topspin, flat, lob) are common in tennis.

  • Using RT and LT to execute “risky” shots seem too easy to execute and is very easy to “paint” the lines with your shot. Would be nice if the risk was higher in order to have more errors closing out the point.Not sure if this is a rating-based thing with the Pros but I tried numerous and it all seems very easy to paint the lines with each player.

  • Slice shot is too slow and almost acts as a drop shot. Can’t execute deep slice shots unless you apply full power. This in conjunction with not being able to execute a running slice or chop slice to play defensive makes the shot unusable.


I agree with pretty much everything said here. I would just like to preface that the game is definitely going in the right direction in terms of movement and animations. The individual player animations look great, player models are superb and graphics in general are very nice.

You should definitely be able to hit the ball on the run either backhand or forehand side without the need for an additional button press. At the moment you can’t really hit on the run as most of the time it turns into a lunge/reflex shot. While this is understandable and much like real tennis when a player is unable to set up for their shot, the inability to hit a running shot means that matches can get full of rally’s where every shot becomes a lunge making the game look unrealistic, slowing down play massively and generally looks unappealing.

The slice as it currently stands needs massive work and is basically useless in its current form. You should be able to do attacking slices that come off the racket like a knife, very sharp and much more depth and angle. This is also a similar issue to volleys at the net in general at the moment.

I may get shot down for this but the game speed in general needs to be increased. The ball trajectory, even on hard shots is not flat enough and too floaty. Both ball speed and player movement/reaction times needs increasing slightly to match the increased ball speed. The game is currently too slow compared to a real tennis match.

In regard to game speed, the general feel of a rally and shot improvements including attacking slices, you can’t go far wrong if you attempt to get as close as possible to Tennis Elbow 4.

Also, I agree with others regarding the base speed of the players being too slow. If it were me, I would remove the speed increases that you get from holding down RT or LT separately and have that speed be the players base speed and reaction time.

Keep the scramble as LT + RT, Keep LT and RT modifiers for forehand and backhand but remove the speed enhancement from using them separately and use that as the players base speed. I think this would make it easier to implement shots on the run.

Just to re-emphasise a previous point I made, please keep it as far away from Top Spin gameplay and mechanics as possible and much closer to Tennis Elbow. I believe this is what you were already on the way to attempting with the mechanics of movement in the game currently. Top Spin hasn’t been great since Top Spin 1 on the original Xbox and is now basically FiFA with the amount of automation that affects all aspects of the gameplay. What this needs to be is what Pro Evolution Soccer was when that was in it’s hay day.

Sliding animations on clay would also be nice


I just recently got the game and sensations are quite good but still need a lot of improvements in gameplay:

-The shots are slow and the ball feels very heavy.

-You should decrese urgently amount of aces. Today i did 60 in 2 sets playing in medium level

-Rallies are too long. You can have some plus 15 during each set but not every single point.

-Sometimes you have the sensation that you are playing beach tennis

-Improve the amount and quality of transitions

-Increase amount of errors for both, users and cpu. Sometimes seems imposible that the ball go out of the lines

-Make more difficult the serves

About general stuff i also notice some things:

  • In some courts clock is not working
  • After finish matches the game is stucked
  • Generic players always dress white clothes and dont have brand clothes/shoes

Please keep going in this way!


Hi Big Ant, I’ll give you my point of view on Tiebreak: Official game of the ATP and WTA at the moment.

1 - The movement of the players is too light, it gives the impression that they are constantly sliding on the pitch; their feet should be anchored to the ground also during forehand or backhand hits which would cause the players to fly away all add inertia which was not the case despite certain random races in Tennis world tour 1 (2017) or Twt 2 their races were heavier.

2 - Additions of TV commentators even if it is repeated, adds realism in the middle of a match.

3 - Rework the volley animations. in the gestures as well as in the finishes you need firm winning points on the fly and sharp, dry with which you finish the points.

4 - Reworked the gesture animations of slices, dampened on the forehand or backhand side as well as in their ball trajectories.

5 - Ball too slow and light to rework to make it heavier and firm and feel even controllers in hand based on your tennis elbow or full ace tennis.

6 - Noise of ball hits in different closed, open or indoor stadium environments.

7 - Game mode: Olympic Games

8 - Reworked gesture animations for some Professional forehand players like: Wawrinka, Tiafoe, Felix, Ruud (en), zverer (en), Dimitrov, Murray (en), Benoît Paire.

9 - Too much slipping on hard surfaces, not all players slip on hard surfaces except some like Novak, Sinner, Alcaraz in relation to their shoes but not all and random slipping at the last minute even when the ball arrives on the player himself or just next to it a few centimeters to be banned.

10 - additions of other slides in forehands and backhands not only very difficult with passing shot.

11 - player’s own animations at least 1 only when he wins 1 point and also at the end of the match in a difficult or easy match situation and important or other less important tournaments.

12 - + reaction from the public, particularly in rallying

13 - Feel the movements of the players or the balls depending on the pitch (surfaces), grass (en), clay (en), hard ect… as well as the trajectories of balls at speed or less or bounced depending on the surfaces .

14 - players can come across rare points the point may end or continue if they get up quickly.

15 - Footprint (footprint), slip or ball on dirt and hard surfaces.

16 - Fluid transition for forehand offsets or reverse offsets etc… even it’s automatic (not in the choice of the trajectory of the ball just the automatic deployment) it makes it look pretty.

But we have a big expectation, you other ATP officials, we expect it to be the best tennis games in front of TopSpin, we support you in this.

Otherwise Bravo for your efforts and improvements as you update them. Well done BigAnt, Nacon.


You should first try to play on hard and especially on expert and then comment anything. There would be no ace for you and you would see outs quite more. There are already decent amount of quality gameplay reviews, it is up to devs now.

I will comment when i want

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